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Your Restroom can Become a Smart Water Land If You Do These 3 Things!

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Preparing your restrooms to be smart is a must in the age of the “smart home.” If you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities for your smart restroom, don’t worry. We have a simple three-step solution for you that you can act on right now.

1) Smarten up the three key bathroom fixtures

Sink, toilet and shower/bathtub are the three key fixtures of a bathroom. Smarten up these three will be the fundamentals for a smart restroom.

Sink; Introducing digital faucets: Digital faucets have the dual benefit of streamlining your bathroom routine and assisting you in conserving water, allowing you to save money while also benefiting the environment. With a lower flow rate and automatic temperature control, you’ll use less water and energy to heat it, while also saving time fumbling.

The benefits are,

  • In order to save both money and water, a digital temperature-control system was implemented.
  • The use of touchless devices.
  • Hands under the faucet are detected by infrared tap technology, which automatically shuts down if they are not present.
  • Some features can be preprogrammed, such as a timed shower setting or a timed teeth-brushing option.
Digital Faucet

Toilet:  Smarten up the toilet includes everything from water-saving toilets to seat warming. A smart toilet may have the following features and characteristics,

Smart Toilet
  • Environmentally-Friendly Design
  • Technologies for Self-Cleaning Toilets
  • Warming up your seat
  • the use of bidets;
  • Automatic air clean-up.
  • Capabilities for Remote and Autonomous Use

The Soaking Tub: Bathtubs may be more than simply a functional requirement; they can also be a haven of peace, tranquility, restoration, and joy. Before implementing a soaking tub here are things that you should look for,

Smart Soaking Tub
  • Freestanding bathtubs without a shower stall.
  • Elegant and modern bathtub faucets.
  • Modern massage jets in an air bath.
  • Mood-enhancing lighting, or chromotherapy.
  • Connectivity with smart devices is a must.

2)  Sporadic Deployment of Cutting-edge Technology

Smart Mirror

You have to start using smart gadgets here and there. We know it’s not possible to buy everything in the beginning, so we are recommending some areas where you should implement smart devices initially.

Smart Mirrors: You should have a smart mirror in your bathroom because it is the most significant item as we spend quite a bit of time in front of it. We all feel upset when the mirror gets steamy, a smart mirror will get rid of that automatically. If possible, it should have a smart video player as well as excellent lighting and infrared sensors to keep the mirror sparkling and fresh.

Health Devices: If you enjoy self-care, digital health devices offer much more than a rough estimate of your weight. You may precisely track your training progress and receive feedback on your BMI, muscle mass, and body fat percentage to get a more complete view. By connecting your smart health gadgets, you can make greater use of this data and view visual charts that will motivate you to work harder or reward yourself when you reach your goals.

Smart Lighting: Lighting sets the tone of the washroom, we’ve already talked about smart lighting before. For a washroom, the key is perfecting the ambient lighting.

Smart Lighting

Music: As technology is getting more water-friendly, a smart music system in the washroom will give us a more pleasant time while in the shower.

Other devices might include

  • A smart tv
  • Smart washing machine
  • Smart washroom cleaner
  • Smart thermostat etc

3) Integrating into a Smart System

IoT smart washroom solution

With all the compatible devices and fixtures, we need to integrate a smart system with a voice assistant so that we can do things just using a command. For example; ‘Alexa, heat up the water.’ You might need to integrate system software into your devices for smart washroom solutions  (IoT).

To integrate a system choosing a good brand is important. Our recommended bathroom fixture brand in Bangladesh is Kohler.

That is everything you need to do to transform your washroom into a smart water-land. Now it’s up to you to choose the motif, smart fixtures, and smart devices that would work best in your washroom.


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