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M. Rakinul Islam

Over the years as we started settling down and living in communities, the concern for security always was a vital factor. Once we finished fortifying our structures, we started to look for ways to warn us beforehand of any impending danger to our house hold and with the help of progressive technology we have arrived at an era where we can keep an eye at our door and our surroundings at all times through highly advanced motion cameras that can also be equipped with other handy features.

Before we dive into the wide range of surveillance options available, we must first decide on a few basic questions that will help us decide which category to dwell into. So, whenever someone is planning on purchasing a new home surveillance system, they must first answer the following questions:

  • Where is the camera planned to be used, indoor or outdoor?
  • Security or Surveillance? Security cameras are equipped with the ability to send alerts of unexpected events, whereas surveillance cameras are only meant to observe.
  • A proper supporting system along with a surveillance camera comes with the need of reliable internet bandwidth support.

Now, say that we have chosen to purchase a smart home surveillance camera, now we are tasked with the objective of choosing a camera that fits our security needs and satisfies it optimally. The range of security options are endless ranging in various combinations for houses of all sizes. A few key basic features to look for in a quality camera are the availability of motion detection option, audio feature, night vision and climate protection.

A few variations of home surveillance include:

Doorbell Camera

This is a must have nifty technology that gives you a view of whoever might be at your door step, some models include an audio feature as well letting the home owner communicate vocally with the person at the door. This feature is especially important in apartment buildings with frequent outside visitors.

Nanny Camera

For those houses with a little one that needs to be kept an eye and ear on. This device has been of huge assistance for both babies and old citizens alike, helping establish an effortless communication system between care giver and care taker.

Surveillance Camera

As to survey the surrounding of your house hold, there comes an array of rotating, motion detection option enabled devices. These help alert any suspicious activity around the facility.


While surveillance cameras are a great way of monitoring the safety of your dwelling, they tend to have a few limitations of their own, which are important to consider when investing in such a system. Some major generic limitations displayed by such systems include:

  • Limited Coverage: Surveillance cameras tend to have a limited field of vision when it comes to the regular category. Although this can be avoided through purchase of a 360 camera, they tend to be very expensive and inappropriate for home surveillance, cost wise. This problem takes a bigger turn when we consider the prospects of vandalism by thieves, which can be done very easily through simple methods, as simple as sticking gum on the lens.
  • System Options: For the ease of use, wireless systems are widely popular, but require a stable frequency between the receiver and recorder which can be easily disrupted through other frequencies from electrical components, causing the quality of image to deteriorate. It also requires an expert to maintain the system over time. Wired systems present the obvious trouble of being fixed to location with the need of professional help to set up.
  • Hacking: As we progress into a more sophisticated technology-based society, unethical hackers are increasingly gaining abilities to hack into a system and disrupt privacy through the systems that were installed to protect us.
  • Expense: To maximize the output from a surveillance system, quality and quantity both are highly regarded, which makes the whole concept of installing a system as such very expensive for the average joe to afford.

Market for Bangladesh

After understanding the purpose and type of these devices we finally come to the market analysis for Bangladesh. The market for our country is riddled with various branded and non-branded camera options with a wide price range. Compute Store BD is one such brand that focuses on branded surveillance cameras from Hikvision with their single unit product starts at BDT 8,490 and goes all the way up to BDT 121,000 for a 32-unit combo pack. The prices are not so high once we shift to the smaller brands such as Dahua or Jovision we see a decrease in the starting price, often times with a net unit price of BDT 1,250.

Where to Find Them?

If this article has convinced you it’s time to go out and get yourself a home surveillance system then you would find a great amount of option visiting StarTech with their shops are established not only in multiple areas in Dhaka but outside as well!

Other shops like Global Brand and Computer Store BD also offer branded and non-branded options for a reliable security system with various other facilities with purchase. Some of these shops also have a very well-maintained online pages with function and prices listed with the products for an easy viewer display, that helps chose in a comfortable manner at the flick of a fingertip. Besides that, online retailers such as Amazon and Daraz also list a wide variety of surveillance solution to choose from.

On That Note

Considering the success and progress in the security industry, it is safe to assume we are in for more amazement as the industry develops incorporating AI into security systems, creating an even more secure and conscious monitoring system for the consumer to enjoy.


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