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Smart Home: Smart Pet Camera

By Kuhu Kinnori

Your pets give you unconditional companionship and emotional support through their adorable presence. Still, even though you want to, you can’t be around them all the time. Your cat, dog, or other pets miss you just as much as you miss them, although they may not be able to speak it out loud. They feel sad to see you leave for work or run errands without them. You wished you could communicate with them while you’re away and assure them you’ll return soon.

A new kind of smart home appliance yet again swoops to the rescue. The smart Pet Camera allows you to interact and monitor your pets, while some such devices also toss treats or engage in games with the pets. This fun way of interacting with pets keeps them away from heartbreak and boredom and keeps you posted about their whereabouts.

What is the Smart Pet Camera?

Pet cameras are essential for any outgoing person who has to leave their dear pet to caregivers or alone by themselves. The device allows the user to monitor their pets and feed the house pet and increase their interaction with the users using several fun features. Available in different price ranges, the smart pet camera is effortless to set up and user-friendly; therefore, right about anyone can use it. These cameras come with compatible apps that can run on any smartphone, laptop, tablets or even smart watches. The apps control the camera’s available features, for example- adjusting the camera’s settings, speaking on the monitor, giving out treats, and playing with the pets. The smart pet cameras can also be paired with, or have built-in smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, Samsung SmartThings Hub and so forth, thus increasing the functionality of the cameras manifold.

Surveil and Engage with your Pets with Smart Pet Cameras

Interface of Smart Pet Camera at daytime (first image) vs night time with night vision (second image), and app alert on a user’s mobile phone (third image)

The Smart Pet Cameras have additional features besides showing you the activities of your four-legged friends. The state-of-the-art technology of these products makes them a popular household product for pet owners. The Smart Pet Cameras have high-definition cameras with tilt, pan, and zoom capabilities. This lets the owner live-stream their pets. Moreover, the owners can talk to and hear their pets’ responses through a two-way sound system. There are specialized sound detections to recognize the barks of dogs or the meows of cats which can remotely alert the owner if their pets misbehave or face accidents.

Playful cat chasing a laser thrown by a Smart Pet Camera

To remotely play with your beloved cats and dogs, Smart Pet Cameras can give out treats, throw lasers or shoot tennis balls. The treat dispenser works by tossing treats to the pets to encourage interaction and mental stimulation. The laser pointer points a laser ray automatically or manually by the user throughout the room, and it works very well with cats. On the other hand, the ball dispenser has a lodging chamber that shoots out the ball and a loading chamber that pet dogs can place the ball into without the need for much training.

Curious dog sniffing a robot Smart Pet Camera

While some smart pet cameras may be stationary, others are built as remote control robots with up to 360° views, so the pets may chase them around the house as a game to stay active.

Smart Pet Cameras also have night vision which works just as well in a dim or dark place as in a lit room.

Points to consider

Smart Pet Camera keeps your pets company

Smart Pet Cameras cost substantially more than regular security cameras, which do the work of surveillance just as well. But the advanced features like a toy or treat dispenser are compromised that are helpful to build a healthy relationship with the pets to their owners. Smart pet cameras are not just security cameras, they can also be viewed as a “nanny” for your pet. It is better to provide the best available products to properly pet-proof your home because, after all, your pets are family.


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