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Smart home: Smart Lock

By Kuhu Kinnori

A burglar broke into the house of Mr. Mamun at midnight and stole valuables while he and his family were fast asleep. Even though the house had a secure lock in the entrance, this traumatic incident ruined his trust in traditional door locks. Upon advice from experienced friends and colleagues, he bought a smart lock for his home’s entrance door. Since then, he has felt worry-free and secure in his upgraded, smart home.

The Smart Lock takes away the worry of locking doors from you. Ensuring maximum security in your house, the ‘intelligent’ locks give you the peace of mind that lets you rest and recharge at your home. To recall the words of the famous architect William Kristel, “A house is more than just a shelter; it is a way of improving your way of life.”

Putting the ‘smart’ in Smart Locks

When you tend to forget about locking your door, or hate going through your keys, or don’t trust the traditional locks to your door, the smart lock offers the perfect solution. The standard padlocks can be picked easily by anyone, so they cannot ensure enough security from burglars and stalkers. Moreover, even the best deadbolt locks on the market are sometimes challenging to unlock with a key, and they look bulky. Smart locks upgrade the security of the traditional locks manifold by ensuring safety, control, and efficiency.

Unlocking Kwikset Premis smart lock with Kwikset Premis mobile app

Basically, a smart lock is an electronic device that requires passwords to lock or unlock a door. This can be controlled by smartphone or tablet through a designated app. Depending on the brand, the smart locks can lock and unlock doors very fast from anywhere or from a close distance to the lock according to the preference of the owner.

Besides, the most modern smart locks have BlueTooth and internet connectivity. Through this, the lock can be operated by voice command by connecting it to a smart home assistant, for example, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings hub, etc. This feature can be most convenient for the times when you just came back from grocery shopping and you’re facing difficulty finding your keys while holding several shopping bags in your hands.

The state-of-the-art technology of the smart locks can read fingerprints, PIN codes, scan cards, and sometimes also have a face-detection mechanism for authorized users only. This feature allows you to give temporary access to a trusted friend or neighbor through a linked app. In this way, your trusted person may be able to retrieve that important package that you had forgotten to pick up from home.

The built-in protection technology of the smart lock also makes it child-proof. Therefore it keeps curious children away from tampering with the lock and keeping them safe indoors.

Additionally, some smart locks can be paired with existing heavy-duty deadbolt locks to maximize the security of the exterior door of the house. This works as a backup in case no electrical connection is available, say, due to a power outage or low battery.

Upgrade your life’s security with Smart Locks

Allowing access to smart lock to a trusted person

Non-tech savvy people at first might find this device confusing and intimidating to use. In this case, the smart lock provides the necessary user-friendly technology that conveniences the lifestyles of any user, regardless of their curiosity towards technology. This technology brings you closer to a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle, and significantly upgrades your lifestyle with pace to the modern technological world.


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