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Smart Home: Smart Light Bulbs

By- Kuhu Kinnori

Light up your world with Smart Light Bulbs

The smart gadgets of today have revolutionized our way of life in unimaginable ways. The smart light bulb is no exception. Smart bulbs introduce you to the Smart Home Technology in a more convenient and affordable way than most other smart devices. Truthfully, getting up from your bed or couch to turn on or off a certain switch can be annoying,  but smart lights save you from the hassle. All you need to do is use your phone or say “Hey Alexa, turn on the light!” and voila! There is light! For ‘watt’ it’s worth, the reign of traditional incandescent light bulbs is coming to an end, and now is the time for smart bulbs to shine.

It’s Worth the Watt

Smart light bulbs are upgraded light bulbs with wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity that makes control and optimization much easier for users. Not only are these easy to set up, they are also more compact, brighter, energy-efficient and longer lasting. They have better color representation and ambience lighting. Moreover, they have timer settings, virtual assistance compatibility and many ‘scene’ choices. You can screw these lightbulbs in your house as your regular ceiling lights, lampshades, entrance light or even as decorative ornaments, as you please.

The many features of the Smart Light Bulb

The many functional features that come along with these smart lights can be controlled by compatible apps. This can be done by one or a group of users, practically from any distance from the light bulbs. You can check your phone to see if you remembered to turn off the lights after you’ve headed out of your house. These lights are user-friendly to all levels of people, so almost anyone can use and optimize them.

Compatibility with Smart Speakers

The best feature of the smart light bulbs is perhaps their compatibility with smart home assistants. Such home assistants, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allow voice commands to control practically any feature on the light bulbs. You can tell your “Alexa” paired with these smart lights and adjust the room’s tone according to your mood with excellent light quality and smooth dimming options. You can tell Alexa to dim the lights 50 percent as you prepare for bed, or perhaps increase the brightness by 25 percent to your favorite nighttime book.

Set the Ambience of your Room with the Smart Light Bulb

These have settings for different ‘scenes’, for example high brightness mode, TV-watching mode, soft ambient mode and night light mode. If you want, you can turn on an ambient, dim, warm light as you come home to prepare for your special date with your partner. You could set a timer for the perfectly lit room for your bedtime and also configure it to automatically increase brightness when it starts to get dark. With motion sensors, smart LED bulbs can also optimize their usage, so you ultimately waste less electrical energy and save your expenses.

Additionally, some of these lights have the options for different colors to funk up your vibe, even up to a million colors! Some bulbs can scan any object with your phone’s camera and glow in that exact color. Adjusting the color temperature allows you to pick a warmer or cooler shade depending on the time and your preference. Moreover, most of these bulbs have a fun feature that rhythmically pulsates with the beats of music. A lighting system with these bulbs could be a fabulous addition to your evening or late-night parties. Groove on!

Besides, smart lights can easily integrate with Smart Home systems, for example, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit ecosystem. All these devices can manage the smart bulbs and other smart devices to give you a fully automated, smart home experience.

A F-light of Fancy? Perhaps not!

Upgrade your home’s light system with Smart LED bulbs

Although the smart light bulbs may have started with a hefty price tag in the beginning, their prices have come down in recent times to become affordable and available to everyone. In Bangladesh, the popular smart light bulbs typically start from ৳ 800, while the expensive products don’t exceed the ৳ 5,000 mark. Ultimately, the smart LED light bulbs save time, energy and money; therefore, investing money in them is arguably better than traditional non-smart lighting systems.

Smart lights put regular light bulbs to shame with their exclusive features, sleek design, and low prices. All-in-all, the smart light bulb is such a convenient device that once you get to experience them, you’d never want to live in a house without them!


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