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Smart home: Smart Coffee Maker

By- Kuhu Kinnori

Carpe Diem with a Cuppa Coffee

Coffee is an amazing refreshing beverage. It gives you that instant kick to wake up and the confidence to take on the day that lies ahead. It recharges your body and mind when you feel foggy and zoned out. While you could get your coffee in any local cafe, having ready-made, top-quality coffee in your own home is certainly more convenient. The benefits are doubled when you have a coffee maker ‘smart’ enough to give you that elite, 5-star cafe experience.

If coffee is fuel for your daily life, the Smart Coffee Maker is definitely meant for you! This must-have device upgrades the ordinary Coffee Maker machine into an intelligent companion capable of brewing the perfect cup of liquid gold with easy instructions. You may not be in the physical state to make yourself a quick cup or fetch one from a nearby cafe early in the morning. Your smart coffee maker caters to your every ‘Coffeeholic’ need on schedule every time without error.

Your Personal Smart Home Barista

A timer screen on compatible app with an Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

The Smart Coffee Maker is no less than an experienced barista from a good cafe. This affordable smart device is easy to set up and even easier to use. These products have sleek exterior designs that add a touch of modernism to your living space. Numerous handy features make these coffee machines a must-have for every coffee fan out there.

The Smart Coffee Maker has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, and it pairs with another smart device like a smartphone, tablet, or even smart home assistants, like Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings Hub, or Google Assistant. These devices come with complimentary apps that allow you to remotely control the brew settings, brew time schedules, heating temperatures, and alarm systems. After you insert the coffee grinds in a specified slot, you can control when you start or pause the brewing cycle. You could lodge your coffee grounds in the machine, set the timer at night, and get a cup of hot coffee waiting for you as you wake up and get ready in the morning. Or perhaps you could schedule a brew on the go and get a cold brew prepared right on time as you return home from running errands outdoors.

Like regular coffee machines, the Smart Coffee Makers come with measuring scoops, water hardness test strips, coffee filters, and a storage compartment for the storage of coffee grounds. The Smart Coffee Makers has different brewing strengths, from mild to strong. It also allows a range of different brewing styles, for example, pour-over coffee, immersion brew, cold brew, etc. More deluxe smart coffee makers can also brew more than just raw coffee, like cappuccinos, lattes, mocha, and so on. These machines have compartments for keeping ice, milk, and chocolate to build your deluxe coffee beverage of choice.

Available varieties of coffee in a Xiaomi SCHISHARE Smart Coffee Maker

Furthermore, these machines contain a toggle button to switch back and forth between manual and automated brewing, as per your need. The fast heat up technology delivers you your coffee at the shortest possible time. Thanks to its energy-saving feature, you will get notifications to turn the coffee machine off if you somehow forget to do so; otherwise it will turn off automatically in your absence. Moreover, these smart coffee machines make maintenance easier by displaying alerts when it’s time to clean out the used up coffee grinds.

Some high-end smart Coffee Machines also have built-in grinders to extract the pure flavor profiles from your raw coffee beans. These machines are built to utilize the maximum amount of the coffee grinds to turn the raw beans it into drinkable coffee extract.

Some companies also use child-proof locks and durable electrical fuses to keep everyone safe from potential electrical hazards.

Have a Brew-ti-ful day!

A couple enjoying cups of morning coffee

If you’re a ritualistic coffee drinker, you need coffee to stay active throughout the day. Today’s technology allows you to make cafe-quality coffee from the comfort of your own home. As you savor every sip of caffeinated goodness brewed by your Smart Coffee Maker, you will indeed feel like your money was well-invested behind a very useful house appliance. Now, any hour can be a Coffee-o clock!


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