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Smart Home: A Mesh Router System

By Kuhu Kinnori

Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically. But how many times has it happened that you walk into a particular room and your Wi-Fi bar fades away? Or does it start buffering in the middle of your favorite Netflix show? Or perhaps during an important Zoom meeting from your office? These are some moments in life that may require more than just “turning it off and on again” for a solution. Introducing the mesh Wi-Fi router.

Of Cobwebs and Wi-Fi connections

The mesh network or mesh Wi-Fi works as a cobweb that binds all the electronic devices together located within a perimeter. It consists of multiple routers or nodes that communicate with each other. The mesh Wi-Fi system can provide an uninterrupted internet connection to several high-functioning devices with fast speed, more coverage, and a more reliable internet connection. That is, enough coverage for every device and all users, an appreciable decision if you live in a big home.

Node-to-node connectivity

Easy Setup and Management

The setup and management are not tedious, but rather quite simple. Connect the main Mesh Wi-Fi router to the modem of your home via an ethernet cord. Then place the nodes into wall outlets throughout the house. The setup process for the nodes is done simply with a smartphone app.

Once the setup is complete, enjoy a seamless internet connection to your devices through your nearest node. The best practice is to space the main router and nodes evenly throughout the house favoring the areas where you spend the most time on your devices. If your apartment has some dead zones or corners far to reach by the main router, you can opt for the 2 pack router, while a bigger house may require a 3 pack setup.

User-friendly smartphone app for management (Nighthawk mesh Wi-Fi by Netgear)

In terms of management, most mesh internet network systems come with a user-friendly smartphone app that helps you to fully understand the procedure of set-up. You can manage it all at your fingertips without the intervention of any third-party app or system with maximum ease and comfort.

More than just a WiFi Setup

Control and accessibility

A whole-home Wi-Fi setup offers a lot more than a regular Wi-Fi setup. The mobile app gives you more control over the network with features such as parental controls, device prioritization, guest access, and much more.

Sleekly designed Mesh Wifi nodes (Eero by Amazon)

Uninterrupted connection

Nodes of the mesh Wi-Fi system can automatically reroute the system among themselves. This system efficiently balances the Wi-Fi output to each connected device within the range of the nodes. When one node or router faces a connection or technical issue, the mesh system will automatically reroute to another available functional node.

Added benefits

The nodes of a mesh router often have more functionality than just amplifying internet connectivity. Some models provide the benefits of a smart hub, further extending your range of control over smart devices in the house. The Samsung SmartThings comes equipped with a built-in smart things hub that allows control over hundreds of connected smart devices. Netgear’s Nighthawk and Orbi series also each has a node that doubles as an Alexa-powered smart speaker.

Unique designs

Unlike regular routers, the sleekly designed nodes blend in elegantly with the stylized interior of your home. With the use of household IoT devices on the rise, Mesh Wi-Fi may be your first step to creating a smart home. Therefore you can expect to link all your devices such as television, smart lights, home assistant, and much more for a fully immersive smart home experience.

Is it Worth the Price?

Some say that the price of this Wi-Fi system may be a bit on the expensive side. Depending on the requirement, the cost for setting up a Mesh Wi-Fi network may vary. A famous choice is the Deco E4 series by Tp-Link, which costs roughly Tk. 10,000 for a pack of 2 routers, while a pack of 3 routers costs Tk. 13,500. Another popular option is the Eero 6 brand by Amazon with 6 routers for large houses. The set costs about Tk. 36,000, which is reasonable for the 6-router pack. Other alternatives in the same price range are also available across the market.

Though these may seem to cost a fortune, this one-time-only investment can give you access to leverages unimaginable with regular Wi-Fi setups. The promise of zero internet dead zones, faster speed, and Wi-Fi connectivity for everyone is an important factor to consider while pondering over costs.

Final Thoughts

As days go by, our everyday life is becoming more and more dynamic. To keep up with the pace, every device we own must be compatible with every other device. A fortune may be a small price to pay if setting up the Mesh Wi-Fi at your home ensures an internet connection that does not drop at crucial moments, like during an important online meeting or in the middle of a heated online gaming tournament. Additionally, it is one step closer to digitizing your life to cope with the rapidly evolving future.


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