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Smart Devices: Top 5 must-haves for your home in 2021

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Have you ever wondered, what’s the bare minimum number of smart devices you need to start to feel like your home is a smart one? In today’s topic of Smart Home, we will unravel the 5 must-have smart devices for your home to make you feel the difference.  

A Smart Assistant: The Heart of the System

Smart Assistant

The key to every smart home is a voice assistant which is connected to every other compatible smart device since it works as a unification tool to the whole smart home networking system in your house. And that’s exactly why we recommend you acquiring a superior voice assistant as the first smart device at your home.

Product Recommendation: Our suggestion for your smart assistant is none other than Amazon Echo (4th Generation), and here’s why,

1) Premium sound
2) Value for money
3) In-built smart home hub
4) Supports a wide range of devices
 No major cons

Price: 10000 BDT

A Smart Door Lock: Safety First

Smart Door Lock

Home security has become a major interest among interior experts and home builders and a smart door lock is going to be a great start in building a safer and smarter home for you. A smart door lock gives you convenience and safety at the same time. So, let’s make our houses safer with a smart door lock. To know more about smart door locks, click here.

Product Recommendation: For smart door lock we can easily recommend August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Let’s look at its pros and cons,

1) Easy to install
2) Works with Virtual assistants
3) Sleek and compact
4) Built-in WIFI
1) Poor battery life

Price: 20000 BDT

Thermostat: Control Home Climate Smartly


We live in a time where the weather is becoming more unpredictable day by day. The temperature goes up and down every so often, creates an unpleasant environment in our houses. Air-Conditioners alone don’t really have the flexibilities to control the temperature of the whole house. Consequently, an integrated thermostat will help to manage the temperature of the house more straightforwardly.

Product Recommendation: Google Nest thermostat (third-generation) is our pick for this device. Here are the reasons,

1) Easy Installation
2) Efficient Performance
3) Wide Range of Compatibility
1) Control Issues

Price: 20000 BDT

A Smart House Cleaner: Self Sustaining Abode

Smart Cleaner

A smart home’s another core attribute is to create a self-sustaining abode. Among all the traditional tools of a house, cleaning tools are the most challenging to use. So, to create a self-sustaining house and make house cleaning easier, people love the inclusion of a smart cleaning device in the house.

Product Recommendation: Eufy Robovac 11S Max is an easy buy to clean your house smartly.

1) High pull power
2) Great corner cleaning capability
3) Comparatively cheap
No major cons

Price: 17000BDT

Air purifier and Humidifier Combo: Purifying the Air

Air purifier and Humidifier

After the arrival of the novel coronavirus, people became more serious-minded about what they are breathing into their lungs. And pure air saw its rightful importance among everyone. Additionally, people who are living in the city usually suffer from various allergies. Hence, this combo plays a great part to control the air inside the house by purifying it.

Product Recommendation: Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool will work wonders purifying and humidifying the air inside your house.

1) Endorses voice control  
2) Deep clean cycle for easy maintenance  
3) Multifunctionality  
1) Expensive  
2) Loud  

Price: 80000 BDT

Smart devices make our life easier with great style. And making our home a smart home is a long journey and worth every bit of it. So, begin your smart home journey by purchasing these must-have smart devices and let us know which devices worked the best for you.


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