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Is Air-Fryer for You? Read This Before Buying

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

The endorsement of many popular chefs, being trendy in cooking shows on social media, and aggressive marketing of the selling companies might convince you to buy an air fryer today. But we highly recommend you to go through this article before deciding to buy one.

What Actually is An Air Fryer?

The term “air fryer” may conjure up images of a smart device that fries food, but in reality, an air fryer is more of a mini convection oven that bakes food rather than literally frying it with air. This means it can perform functions that a convection oven can already perform.

But What Benefits You’ll Get?

Swift Cooking

An air fryer can cook faster than traditional ovens and stoves. Even though the difference might be a few minutes but for productive people who want to save time, this small difference has a great value.

Easy Cleaning

You can clean an air fryer very easily as there are only two components to clean (usually) for an air fryer.

Health Benefits

When frying with an air fryer instead of a deep fryer, you’ll save on fat, calories, and harmful compounds. Also, you’re trying to lose weight or reduce your fat intake, using an air fryer instead of a deep fryer may be a good idea.


The best air fryers are available in a variety of designs and sizes, allowing you to match your smart home’s design aesthetics. Usually, an air fryer is smaller than most other cooking appliances. Additionally, the design and using methods are kids friendly. And most of all, it’s one of the trendiest cooking appliances in 2021.

What are the Trade-offs?

Source: Kitchen snitches

Tiny Space for Making a Proper Meal

Although you can make small dishes with an air fryer conveniently, when it comes to a proper big meal, you can’t rely on an air fryer because of the space it has inside for baking.

Undercooked Food

Sometimes you can find your food to be soggy and undercooked (in the middle) when cooking with air fryers. Compared to an oven, the taste of the food might be less pleasant.

It Might Be Expensive

To cook varieties of dishes you might need to buy additional accessories which on an oven you can get for free. Also, they are more pricey than deep fryers. Overall, the whole experience might be expensive.

In Reality, Doesn’t Add Much Value

If you already have a convection oven in the house, you actually don’t need to buy an additional air fryer as you can make everything in your oven that you could in an air fryer. Ironically, some dishes you can make on a convection oven that you actually can’t make on an air fryer.

So, Who’s It for?

Bachelors are the perfect fit

You can already guess that an air fryer might not a good idea for everyone, especially a big family. But for some people, this might really be the best smart device in their kitchen.

1) People who prefer quick meals instead of proper meals,

2) Small families,

3) Bachelors,

Purchasing Options

Philips Compact Airfryer

A good air fryer can cost over 20k TK, but it won’t have the same problems with under frying as the cheaper models. We recommend the Philips Compact Airfryer if you can afford it. In addition to Ninja Air Fryer Max XL and Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer, there are other notable brands available for under 15k taka. While you may be able to find more affordable options in the local market, we strongly advise against doing so.

Now that you know if an air fryer is something that can add value to your kitchen or not, tell us what recipes you are excited to cook on an air fryer. We would love to write about easy air fryers recipes you can make if you are interested.


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