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Create Your Very Own Home Theater

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

In a world of all-day media consumption, regular media experiences don’t give you the same amount of joy as 15 years ago; especially with the people you love. Consequently, we love going to movie theaters but as we saw in this pandemic, it’s not always viable. So, if you are designing your new house or thinking about renovating the old one into a room specifically for your audio and video entertainment; a home theater can be the smartest decision you’ve ever made. And today, we will guide you on how you can act upon your quest to make a perfect home theater.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  1. The difference between a usual media room and a home theater mostly relies on the quality of the audio system, as most of our TV screens are already in good resolution.
  2. When you can structurally design the room from scratch, it will be considered the ideal way. But you can also incorporate a home theater with an existing room.
  3. The seating arrangement is the key to a comfortable streaming room.
  4. You have to be very careful about sound and light pollution cause no one wants a leaking light or any distracting sound in their movie room. 
  5. For the desired 3D sound effect, the positioning and quality of the sound boxes play a crucial part, more about it later.
  6. The cost will depend on which budget range you are targeting for your room, and yes it will affect the overall quality of your home theater. So choose your range and then buy the devices accordingly.
  7. People might select only one from a TV or a projector for a home theater, but I will recommend you to get both of them for the ultimate experience.
  8. Make sure to have the finest quality internet connection for the best streaming experience.
  9. Voice-assistance will surely make your home theater a smart one.
  10.  Have 3D glasses and make sure the components support 3D.

Now that you have a basic idea of what to focus on and whatnot, let’s dive into the steps of creating a home theater.

Structure and Pre-wiring

The initial structural changes and wiring of lights, audio devices, and visual devices should be aligned with the location of each device. These changes are the most important part of a new house home theater, as they will work as a core for the devices and you won’t be able to change easily in the future. Also, you should maintain the fire safety issues while constructing the room.
And remember this, the bigger the room the better also horizontal structure will fit more audiences. If you want to stream high-quality videos, make sure to use high-quality wires, and to incorporate your home theater with a smart lighting system. Smart Lighting System (Bangla)

The Walls

Paint the walls in dark colors and remember to use drywall and sound barriers to protect sound and light pollution.

The Seating Arrangement

Prioritizing more on ‘the queen and the king sofas being in the best spot’, arrange other sofas in a way that compliments your room size and has enough roaming space between them. Buy the most comfortable seats especially for the central sofas. Using beanbags as seats is a trend for making home theaters. Another important factor to remember is, you have to go through a very tricky trial and error phase with the seating arrangement to find the optimal position to view the screen appropriately.

Creating The Sound System

After deciding whether to go for an easy 2D sound system or a much intricate 3D sound system, you have to purchase the best possible sound boxes. Soundbars are a cheaper option but I would really recommend including a whole sound system for the best experience. To create a sound system for a home theater you have to know about the subwoofer; A device that generates sound effects that intrigue goosebumps in your body. You should also remember to put the sound boxes exactly in the position in which the devices are supposed to be, such as the rear left soundbox in the back left of your room. Make sure to have Dolby Atmos in your sound system. To know more about sound systems check out ‘Everything You Need to Know about Smart Music System In your Home’,

Top Brands for Great Audio: Sonos, Yamaha, Bose, Sony, etc

Finally, The Visual Components

To create a great visual experience, you must have good to great components and devices for your home theater. High-quality products will create a massive difference, compared to regular media rooms. You’ll need,

  • A high-quality OLED 4K TV connected with a CPU
  • A great projector and its reflector (projector screen) which is positioned accordingly.
  • Blue-Ray Player etc

Top TV Brands for Great Visual: Sony, LG, Samsung, TLC, etc

Top Projector Brands: BenQ, Optoma, Anker.

To ensure quality and endurance try not to cut costs in this department and try to go with the top brands.

Everything will come to a place when you will give enough time and effort to make a home theater; especially to get the optimum position for sound boxes and visual devices with the seating arrangement. Also, you have to remember that your theater can not be considered a home theater if you do not invite your close people regularly. Now you’ve got everything you need, follow our steps also add your creative thoughts and create your perfect home theater.


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