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Baby Monitor: An easy way to keep an eye on your baby!

By Tasnim Jarin

Have you heard about this baby monitor before? Do you know, what is the use of this device, if you have kids at your home? No worries, if you don’t know anything yet, then this article is for you. Today I am going to enlighten you a bit about this device and it’s a function if you have any baby at home!

Baby monitor or Baby alarm is actually a radio system through which parentscan remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. This audio and video monitor consists of a transmitter unit facilitated with a microphone. Usually it is placed near to the child, so that parents or the nanny can easily keep an eye on the baby along with finishing the household works.

Function of Baby monitor depends on the transmitted sounds by radio waves to the receiver unit having a speaker settled in the infant’s room. Here it is always better to keep the device near to the baby’s bed, so that every movements of the baby are noticeable through the screen. Also the person who is carrying the monitor should keep the monitor close to his/her reaches to watch what’s happening on the other side.

Some baby monitors provide two-way communication, which allows the parent to speak back to the baby, where other allows music to be played for the child. The primary use of baby monitor is to allow parents or the responsible one to hear when an infant wakes up or cries, while they are not around or busy with other chores. Although doctor’s review wise, this device provides a false sense of security, not a carefree one of course!

Among other functions, baby monitor can give you a better service at night in low lights in the room. The updated video baby monitors have a night vision feature in it, which allows the user to see the baby even in a dark room through the front camera of the device. Here, the attached LED option helps to monitor the movements of the baby.

There is also a night mode option on the monitor. During sleep time, by turning this night mode option on, you can get the recent update of your baby, whether he/she is sleeping or awake or making noises in the room. Even the advanced baby cam monitors also work over Wi-Fi, thus parents can watch babies through their phones and computers as well.

Baby Monitor; To Buy or not is actually depends on your situation as a parents. For example, if you are living in a small apartment where you can get 100% of your time to spend with your baby, then this device might not be needed for you. Or else in your absence if you have other family members or reliable nanny to take care of the baby, then this device is not applicable for you as well.

Whereas, if you need to manage the whole household chores all by yourself and also need to monitor every movements of your baby; then this baby monitor would be the best choice to keep an eye on your baby while working. Like starting from breathing sound, crying or not, sleeping properly or awake or feeling cranky, playing or want something; all these will be watchable through the device and you will be able to take an immediate action at once by watching the baby through monitor. Thus your situations will advice you whether this device is applicable for you or not.  

In Bangladesh, if you want to buy this device for your home then, the easiest way would be to order it from any popular e-commerce platforms of Bangladesh. From these online pages, you can get the Baby monitor in between 6000 taka to 8000 taka. Price may differ depending on their offers and time. Otherwise if you want variation, then you can buy it from Ali Express, where price range will be starting from 5000 up to 8000 taka; depending on the quality and updated features. But ordering from this international pages, might take you longer time to get the product. Thus you have to wait for a month or more to get it in hand or else you can directly buy this from abroad, if you have a recent plan to visit there!  

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this essential device to make your life easier and smarter both at a time. And also feel free to work even if your baby is awake or in a deep sleep. Since this baby monitor will give you support like an assistant throughout day and night, thus now you can make plans following your mood, while baby is in his/her room safe and sound!  


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