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5 Technologies That Have Improved Our Daily Lives Significantly

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Even though most people nowadays accentuate only how technology made our daily lives unproductive, I think the reality is quite opposite. It goes without saying that, technology has made our lives significantly easier, and for that, we can spend less time on frivolous activities and utilize the freed time on things that actually matter in life, like spending less time on paying the bill instead of spending that time on family bonding. In this section of our home diaries, we always focus on how you can use technologies that can improve your regular activities. And today you are going to know about 5 technologies that made our lives better drastically.

1. Smartphone Applications and Internet of Things

Can you remember the days when we had to do everything by going out? Nowadays we have an app for everything. You want to order your groceries? There are tons of apps through which you can do that. You want to buy tickets? You can do that through an app right at home. From traveling to learning, everything has been made easy by smartphone applications and the internet. Here are some sectors where these apps apply to our regular lives.

Communication is Much Simpler

Texting instantly, video conferencing, posting daily activities became possible through the effective communication apps we call social media. Families are more connected by these and working from home has never been simpler.

Healthcare Made Easier

People are getting more aware of sound health and nowadays almost every good hospital must have app-based services, from emergency care to book an appointment, smart health apps can take care. Also, we can have our health checkup results remotely by these apps. Fitness apps and meditation apps also help us to have better body fitness.

Traveling is Trouble-Free

So many traveling apps made our adventures more tempting. Booking tickets/hotels, travel guides, everything regarding travel can found on one app.

Shopping is Hassle-Free

Shopping for groceries, ordering different items such as clothes, electronic devices and the most popular nowadays, getting food from home is now less of a headache for the people who are using smartphones.

Data Storing and Cloud Storage

As we have cameras in every hand, we need much more storage than ever before. Cloud storage apps like google drive provide us with an online platform where we can store everything from media to important files.

Music and Books

Nothing can change the significance of paper books, but audio book apps can be an alternative, also for music people never uses music players anymore, many offline and cloud music apps made other solo music devices obsolete.

In-App Advertising

People nowadays spend much time on their mobile apps, so marketers advertise their products and services in every unpaid app they can get their hands on, which makes digital marketing easier than ever before.

One might argue that these things can be done through a PC but the mobile version of everything is the transformation that affected our daily lives more conveniently.

2. GPS and Transportation

In this world of GPS, people are never lost and with the development of the global positioning system (GPS), transportation has gone to another level. People all over the world use GPS on their devices for transportation. Conventional transportations use the GPS but the most effective change we saw from this technology is:


Ridesharing or ride-hailing has revolutionized the transportation business, as it not only safer for the native people, also very handy for a foreigner to travel around an overseas country. One does not have to know the exact location of his destination, he or she will just have to put the location on the app and the rest is taken care of.

3. Smart Home and Home Security

Combining the previous two technologies, people have been trying to make their home smart, making a home smart requires the blending of every home appliances with wireless connectivity. From your doors to your bed lights, everything can be improvised to a smart system. And a smart security system substantially improves your home security. Making a home smart is a continuous process, but some aspects are needed to be more focused while integrating into a smart system, which are:

  • Smart Media players
  • Smart Air-Conditioners: https://bit.ly/3n86kEB
  • Smart Lightings: https://bit.ly/3k8OBed
  • Smart Door Locks: https://bit.ly/3eNQZWY
  • Smart Music Systems: https://bit.ly/2I9Gqlb
  • Smart Security Systems: https://bit.ly/3p8scBA
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Voice Assistant

4. Online Banking and Smart Payment

Once we had to pay everything face-to-face, the lines for regular bill payment was too long. Long-distance transfer of money was troublesome and unsafe for people. These hectic systems are being obsolete by the beginning of online banking and now we can pay for everything online. Smart payment made easy by not only smart cards but also mobile banking system, which provides an app for the client. Regular banking activities have become remote and queue-less, one tap on your smartphone and everything is done seamlessly. Some security threats are there and so much room for improvement too, but remote banking has successfully made our lives easier.   

5. Video Conferencing and Streaming

Streaming technology has become the new way of watching everything; it expands from entertainment to teaching. And in the time of Covid-19, video conferencing saved the lives of working people, students, and businesspeople. Meetings are conducted through video conferences and classes are taken by using both of the technologies. People are learning through many streaming platforms like Udemy, Lynda, Coursera. And YouTube is not only a source for entertainment but also a platform for teaching and learning. Zoom and Microsoft team has been the new platforms for online classes and meetings. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. have been the platform for watching movies and TV shows, where watching movies from the hall is also there, watching movies through DVDs are has become outdated. Here the providers not only get a greater audience, also watching shows have become more convenient for the people.

Technology is nowhere near its peak; the involvement of nanotech will continuously improve technology and our lives simultaneously. The technologies I have mentioned are only a small portion of all the inventions that are improving our lives. Consequently, even if technology sometimes feels overwhelming, I think we should be more open-minded about acquiring new techs and improve our lives.


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