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The Story of Trending Colors: 2021

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

With the ever-changing trends in every aspect of our lives, colors play a subtle charm by reflecting our life stories and contemporary mood. Colors can create a certain atmosphere at your house but to give the colors a bit more perspective, color management with keeping the movables in mind will assist you to set the theme of your current emotion.

In recent times, our lives have become more congested than ever before. Most of us feel jammed in our work and when we travel from a place to another. And consequently, we are leaning towards a minimalistic theme for our house to keep our minds simpler and open. We also want more vibrance in our lives as the usual events have become more one-wayed.   

To set a proper theme with trending colors, we have to understand that different rooms offer different moods to us and we have to act according to that feeling. For example, to feel lively, we might add a shimmering color in the living room to set an energetic mood.

Trends are set by the people and they have the right to follow them or make a new one. Today, we will tell you the story of recent color trends that originated with homeowners and designers and recommend to you which color themes are more suitable for different rooms.

Sapphire Blue on Bedroom

The Happy Blue Place

The color blue engenders a feeling of happiness throughout the room and in this unexpected time, we aspire to feel contented after a tiring day. Sapphire Blue painted walls complemented by a Curved Wall Lamp; a simple elegance that will make your bedroom neater. Adding to your comfort, a Vesterbro Dark Queen Bed will take you to the city of fairy tales, Copenhagen.

Shades of Grey on Dining Room

Dining Room in Shades of Grey

Light colors are coming back in the trend as homeowners try to balance the vibrant hue with a rich yet warm color pallete. And for creating a fresh backdrop in your house, grey seems to be a trendy choice in 2021. And to create that backdrop, what better ways there are than to make the dining room grey as dining rooms are likely to be more centered in the houses. To create a distinctive look on the grey painted walls, Rametto pendant light, and Floro Vases will add a unique significance. And a Kashan Red Rug under the Mysuru Light Grey Dark dining table set will create a Persian celebratory richness to your meals. 

Ethereal White on Baby Room

Full of Ethereal White

The color white is the blend of all the colors in the color spectrum and for a child full of dreams, Ethereal White painted walls will bequeath a reflection of hope for the rest of his or her life.

Duso Light Grey Baby Cot will add to your baby’s comfort matching the theme of the room. Also, Bagh Mama Set of Twenty paintings by Kazi Istela will add creative aesthetics all over the room.  

Study Room with The Color Green Sage

Learning with Nature

Our minds perform at their finest when they are in touch with nature. A cool earth tone on the walls by the Green Sage color will make you feel like being in the midst of nature while nurturing your mind with knowledge.

Ratargul Light Chair and St. Pauli Green Accent Light Workstation, will add an optimistic environment for your reading room where you will actually learn things that will hold a magnitude all through your life. Adding paintings such as ‘In order to Function’ by Sayeef Mahmud will hold a strong perspective in the room.

Vibrant Living Room with Burnt Orange

The Lively Living Room

Aiming to create a happy energy for you, your family, and your guests, a vibrant burnt orange hue on the walls remains an unbeatable choice. Some people call this tone terracotta and others amber, but in 2021 the color retains the most popularity among homeowners and designers. And for a house, the most popular room is certainly the living room, hence, do not shy away from swathing your living room with a lavishly orange hue.

Ensure comfort with style by adding Pompeii Light Grey Light Double Sofa with Elliot cushion, which also will bring the retro roman architectural mood. Adding a St. Pauli Pink Light TV Cabinet will indeed keep the elegance of the room with functionality. Geometric Printed Monochrome Rug under the minimalistic Dalian Light Center Table will elevate your hospitality with grace.

Favorite Corner with Pink

Popping in Pink

Decorating your favorite corner in pink confirms the everlasting feeling of calmness that we all crave. This color palette makes your room feel more spacious and lighter and can add a pop with a great color accent, as pale pink will make sure, you not necessitating many decors.

A Kristall Ceiling Lamp will enhance your favorite corner’s sophistication. A Handwoven Koberec Black and White Rug with Gioco White Chair makes your favorite corner more personal to you.

We have just exhibited one of thousand combinations you can make for your adobe. With the help of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited and ISHO, you can make your trending color theme all-around your home. Check out ISHO’s facebook page for more queries –

As Georgia O’Keeffe said, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” We human beings tend to show our emotions and stories with colors and shapes. Following color trends will help us reveal the most recent story of our lives to the world. Now tell us, which trending color of 2021 attracted you the most and did your favorite color make it on the list? 


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