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Take Your Home on a Color Adventure!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Color, hailed as the language of design, has the power to uplift our spirits, emotions and moods. In just a glimpse, color describes a thousand things in a viewer’s mind before they have a chance to throw light on words or visuals. The fusion of colors can freshen up a space to the point where it seems almost like an entire redo!

Blending colors throughout the space is all the rage in today’s home interior vogue. But traditional color combinations might be boring and predictable at times. To add an element of surprise, uncommon color scheme is the magic bullet here! This color trend is all about clashing or combining the unexpected hues together. If your theme is intriguing and dynamic, we are here to walk you through the unique painting inspirations we’ve rounded up for your home!

Turquoise and Orange   

Incorporated between the blue and green in the color wheel, turquoise is one of those refreshing hues that might bring both warming and cooling ambience in your space. The gentle sensation of turquoise combined with energetic orange is a decorating delight. Turquoise and orange create the perfect combination for a daring and vibrant theme.

Yellow and Shades of Pink

If you desire a fun and cheerful space, the combination of yellow and pink offers an appealing statement. Whether bright yellow and pastel pink, or softer yellow with watermelon pink, the unexpected duo lends a mellow vibe to your space.

Purple and Green 

Whenever it comes to plants and flowers, we adore purple and green so much. Ever wondered how this fusion would look in your house? Well, green and purple can look alluring when used together in your den! Go for their bright and bold versions for dramatic interiors, or soften things up with milder versions that create a soothing and calm aura in your space.

Tangerine and Midnight Blue

The color midnight blue is a rich and deep shade of blue that resembles the depths of the celestial spheres. The strength of midnight blue coupled with tangerine creates a regal color combination that adds elegance and enthusiasm to a room.

Sage Green and Red

Sage green is one of the soft, as well as earthy shades of green with slate and silver undertones that has power to bring the outdoors inside! When it comes to interior decoration, sage green and tones of red might not be the first color combination that springs to mind. However, the two complement each other quite gracefully when used together.

Aquamarine and Fuchsia

Balancing somewhere between blue and green, the color aqua is reminiscent of ocean waves. Fuchsia pink can be used alongside aqua for creating a spring inspired appearance. This fun duo brings a tropical flair in your space. 

Important Factors to Consider:

  • Combination of deep hues works well in spacious rooms with large windows and a good amount of natural light.
  • Whenever dealing with the deeper shades, keep in mind to include some lighter details. The white border on the wall, for instance, helps to balance the theme.
  • When you are in a bind, go for warm and cool color combinations because they are usually the best bet for creating unique color schemes.
  • Remember to choose the right shades of your preferred colors before combining them so that you end up with a well-balanced design.  

In Paul Klee’s words, ‘Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet’, and we all agree on that! The unique blend of colors can turn your space into a dreamland that popped out from the pages of a fable. So, unleash your imagination and go bold with these unexpected, but incredibly perfect color combinations.


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