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Paint The Town Pastel!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Life is about using the whole box of crayons, isn’t it? Color can alter the appearance of an interior and it’s even known to influence your mood. Deciding a color scheme for our space is never easy, we often get thrown for a loop while choosing whether to go for something vibrant and dramatic or subtle and soothing. Well, there is a color scheme that is an excellent combination of both of these options; pastel colors! Pastels have become increasingly popular in recent years, as we have seen them featured more and more in some of the most intriguing trends of this year.

The Power of Pastels

Pastels have a lower saturation than primary colors, so they appear lighter, softer and more relaxing. They instantly provide a gentle and fresh vibe to a space. The eye catching shades of pastels, including everything from peachy hues and pretty pinks to serene seaside blues, will elevate your home to new heights. Although pastel hues have a lovely modern appeal, don’t let that deter you from using them if you have a more classic design or older home. Pastels make beautiful accents beyond a doubt.

Here are some pastel wall paint ideas for your home, hope you’ll come away with loads of inspiration!

Imitate the Clouds

Pale sky blue tones provide a charming touch to any space. Soothing and soft blue painted wall can transform your bedroom into a dreamy slice of heaven, which might assist you in falling asleep more quickly.

Soothe Through Aqua

Aqua might not be the first hue that comes to mind when considering a house renovation, but it’s unexpectedly adaptable. Pastel aqua is a must for beachy décor, as well as an outstanding paint choice for both vintage and modern design schemes.

Lively Lilac

Lilac is basically a light or pale purple, however it has a pink tint to it. This delightful shade on walls can create a calm atmosphere and look great in modern homes with clean lines and minimal décor.

Lilac isn’t just for bedrooms and bathrooms, a flash of this color in the back of cupboards and bookshelves may give you a taste of the lilac style without making a large investment.

Touch of Mint

Mint, a soothing cross between green and blue, may create a statement without overpowering the rest of your area. A minty fresh coat of paint looks way more elegant and gives your room a mystical flair.

Buttercream Yellow

Smooth as butter, but bold enough to stand alone, buttercream yellow is a tried – and – true color. This instant mood booster shade adds optimism and energy to your space, also works better for an entire room.

Monochromatic Appearance with Dose of Pink

Pastels are designed to be used in monochromatic interiors! A monochrome palette is obvious if you prefer to keep things simple.

While monochrome does mean one color, it does not necessarily refer to only one variation of that color. For instance, a room could be embellished with palest pink, salmon, peach and dusty rose, yet it’s still monochromatic as they are all variations of pink. When it comes to designing a monochromatic room, pink is particularly trendy. Go for the warm and soothing shades of pink so that the bedroom stays a tranquil and welcoming space.

Geometric Pattern

Don’t be scared to be daring with your design choices; a geometric pattern looks gorgeous in pastel. It’ll be easy to deal with because of the soothing colors. And Voila! An excellent eclectic design that will look great in any home.

Let’s Combine!

A brilliant combination of warm and cool tones, such as muted or toned down yellow and pastel lavender, can give off a pleasant appearance.

A Few Considerations:

  • If you’re unsure about color combinations, keep in mind that pink and blue always go hand in hand.
  • You should consider how much natural, as well as artificial light your room receives during the day. Some colors look better in a darker space, while others look better in a brighter space.
  • Combine two, but not more than three pastels at once.

There’s nothing like a pop of color to brighten up a drab space, and opting for a pastel could be the perfect place to start. The appealing shades of pastels are extremely versatile and will blend in with any type of interior design. So, get the ball rolling and turn your home into a candy house with pastel colors.


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