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Make Your Entrance the Most Appealing on the Block!

By Sumaiya Azmi

When someone claims that first impressions count the most, we all nod our heads, don’t we? The front door of your abode can leave a strong impression on the people who set foot in your house for the first time. Invitees to your space might be able to predict the interiors based on how well-designed the front entrance is. A shabby front door creates the impression that you don’t care about the upkeep of your home.

However, when it comes to remodeling our home, the front door is often one of the last pieces of our concerns. Ergo, the rusted fixtures, wobbly hinges, faded hues, and dents on it are quite apparent. But it’s never too late to add a splash of color to your entrance! This simple and affordable upgrade can lend a lot of character to your house. It’s easier as well to spruce up your place with paint supplies formulated exclusively for doors.

Here are a plethora of front door color options that might suit your needs. Let’s take a peek!

Beaming Red

The color red was and continues to be one of the most popular choices for entrance doors. Flaming bursts of red possess the power to create a bold design statement while adding some fun to your classic facade as well. Red stands out well against understated neutral hues, whether you decide on an exuberant red or deep maroon.

Yellow Ochre

Nothing can compete with a cheerful yellow front door as a welcoming sight when you get home. No kidding, this color is so appealing that people can remember it better than a number! The siding of the door, whether black or white, creates a stunning contrast against this color. 

Black Dominance

Black entrances are less of a hassle to maintain and hide stains or scratches better than other bright-colored doors as well. The presence of a black front door adds elegance and sophistication to the home and appears to be a robust shield!  Though black-on-black themes are popular, the color looks gorgeous when coupled with a livid white door frame.

A Perfect Lime Wedge

Lime green can be a unique spin on your entrance, offering the invitees a warm and fresh welcome! This color is a great option for those homeowners who wish to reflect their eternal passion for nature.

Luminous White

Nothing feels more pure and serene than an entrance bathed in a fresh coat of white paint. If you desire to create a calming aura around your facade, white is an absolute no-brainer.

Heal Through Teal

Teal paint on your front door has the power to uplift emotional healing and resembles creativity as well. Though teal pairs well with a wide range of hues, it pops out the most against muted neutrals that don’t beg for attention.

Pastel Colors

The soothing hues of pastel radiate care, warmth and passion. Ranging from calm ocean blues to subtle shades of mint to peach and blush tones, all the shades of pastel are indeed a decor delight for entrances. These mild but attention-grabbing hues offer serious curb appeal to a home and breathe some life into a dull place.

Some Pointers:

  • Needless to say, the front doors are open to the outer elements. So, opt for proper door-friendly paint to avoid stripping and fading later.
  • While deciding on a front door color, don’t be scared to chase your heart’s desire, but consider the surrounding materials and hues as well.
  • Whenever in doubt, go for classics such as brown, gray or even navy blue. These hues never go out of vogue.
  • If there is some space on either side of your front door, decorate it with potted plants to create the appeal of a grand entrance.

The front entrance acts as the mouth of a house since it welcomes people in. Our home, the small universe of our creation, lies behind the front door. The appearance of our  front door can boost the ambiance and set the tone for the rest of our home. So, get your feet wet and brighten up your entrance with the colors of your choice!


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