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Influence of Color

By Manabi Moni

You never get anything without a reason. Life is a balanced journey of time. Sometimes it is B&W sometimes it’s full of colors. The color you choose for your dresses or room says a lot about your personality. Besides, your room color has got influence on your mood and thoughts. 

Effect of the colors on people’s mind depends on many things like climate, age, ethnic background and gender. Particular color group or colors usually get similar reactions from most of the people notwithstanding that it varies by the tones or shades used. It clearly means, we should choose the color wisely when it comes to decorating. 

In order to have a beautiful and well decorated home you don’t have to worry about the trend because trends come and go. A person living in a room makes it nice and beautiful buy picking colors that reflect his personality and preference. The catch is to blend your favorite colors into a soothing and satisfying combination.

For a beginner, this might be the most intimidating steps to choose the color. Colors have this power to change the size and shape of the house or furnishing. If you are equipped enough with basic color information and their effects, it should not be difficult for you to select the best color for your room.

Color can influence emotions, from tranquility to rage. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that color has psychological value. Colors can also have influences on your relationship with others living in the same house. 

You can create your own mood by picking the right color for your room, furnishers, dresses etc. If you cannot find out, then look at the things around you like magazines, books, and websites. You can also look at your dresses, furniture, tiles, carpeting and other things. Whichever color pleases your mind might be your preferred color. It will help a lot to decide your own color.

Color acts in three basic ways such as active, passive and neutral. Anyone can match their color of rooms with their personal desires to the room’s purpose and taste. Light colors make the rooms look larger, expensive and airy. If you want a warm and sophisticated look, go for darker colors because they give larger rooms a more intimate look and appearance. 

Red uplifts the energy level of a room. It gives the rush to the blood flow like no other hue. When you want to stir up excitement, especially at night, this is undoubtedly the best choice. It also stimulates the conversation and draws people together in the living room or dining room. It can create a very strong first impression in the entryway. Red is shown to speed up respiration and heart rate and also raise blood pressure. It is considered stimulating for bedrooms too, but if it’s in the dark, the color will appear elegant, rich and muted.

Yellow uplifts the joyfulness of the sunshine and connects with the happiness. For kitchen, bathrooms and dining room, it can be an excellent choice. It is uplifting and energizing. Yellow can feel welcoming and expensive in halls, entries and small spaces. 

Regardless of Yellow is cheery as a color but it might not be a good choice as the main color scheme. The likelihood of people lose their temper in yellow interior is higher than the other colors. Look like babies cry more in the yellow room. Large amount of yellow color creates feeling of anger and frustration. 

Blue is said the color of immensity. It is also said, blue brings the blood pressure down, slow down the respiration and heart rate. That is why it is also considered relaxing, calming and serene. It is recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms often. 

If you want to encourage relaxation in social areas like living rooms, family rooms or large kitchen rooms, warmer blues like periwinkle or bright blues such as cerulean or turquoise is highly recommended. It is claimed that blue has calming effect as well as evoking the feeling of sadness. Like Yellow, this is also suggested to not choose in the main color scheme.

Green is known as the most relaxing color for the eyes. The combination of joyfulness of Yellow and refreshing quality of blue, green is suitable for any room in the house. It cools things down in the kitchen, it encourages unwinding but has enough warmness to uphold togetherness and comfort. Green has calming effects too when used in main color scheme for decoration. This is believed that Green helps with fertility and that is why it is considered as a great choice for bedroom.

Purple represents elegance, sophistication etc. and it is considered as a rich color. Creativity and luxury is associated with the color Purple. Lavender or Lilac, lighter version of Purple, bring the peacefulness as blue does.

Orange calls to mind of enthusiasm and excitement. It also is a very energetic color. Picking Orange for living room or bed room is not a very good idea. However, it is great for workout rooms. It brings out all the emotions that one needs during exercise or fitness routine. Orange was believed as the healing of the lungs and boosting energy level during ancient time.

Neutrals (White, Black, Gray, and Brown) are the basic tool kits for the decorators. Scheme with allneutrals falls in and out of fashion but their greatness still sustains in their suppleness. These can be used with or without as complimentary or in the main scheme. 

The ceiling feels like the most of the room. Sometimes it feels like one/sixth of the whole room. Nevertheless, the ceiling is left with a coat of white color most of the time. It also means white is the best choice for ceiling besides it is a safe choice too. 

Ceiling with lighter color than the walls seems higher than it is whereas darker ones feel lower. Lower does not mean claustrophobic but it can bring the feeling of intimacy. 

These guidelines are really very helpful for the people who really care about their interior effects on their daily life. This is also to keep in mind that, color choice is completely personal. At the end of the day, you have to live with these colors around you. So choosing the hue that suits your personal comfort is a paramount importance.


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