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Fill Your Chair with a Burst of Color!

By Sumaiya Azmi

When it comes to the confab of design trends, painted furniture shows no signs of losing steam. But, in the midst of it all, painted chairs don’t appear to be as popular as painted cabinets or painted coffee tables. Well, don’t lose heart! Painted chairs can add loads of character to your room. On top of that, if you’re someone who gets cold feet when getting rid of old, barren furniture, this could be a perfect solution for you. The dents and scratches on your tired chair can be concealed in a flash if you dip it in colorful paint.

If you’re planning to grab a brush to paint your chair, we’re here to lead you through some unique inspirations we’ve rounded up for you.

Mismatch Can Also be a Match!

Needless to say, the dining room is where most of our chairs are assembled. If you wish to add a unique flair to your space, don’t bring just one color to the table when it comes to adorning chairs for your dining area!

Mismatched chairs are a no-fail option for those bold homeowners who love to experiment with colors and patterns. Black and white is a more secure color choice for this look that adheres to the monochromatic decor trend. If you want to dive deeper into the color wheel, go for all the shades of the rainbow or mismatched pastels. However, remember to keep the design of the chairs consistent in this case.

Color Blocked Chair

Color blocking is a popular design method wherein two or more bright, often contrasting colors are combined. Perhaps this beautiful trend started on the fashion ramps, but it has now blended into interior decor as well.

Whether it’s the chair in front of your desk or the one resting around the corner of your home for random use, fill them with bold contrasts for dramatic appeal. Dual-toned chairs are indeed a decor delight, but you can also paint the legs in one color and the rest of the chair in another to create a color block pattern.

Geometric Patterns and Stencils

Creating geometric patterns on a chair can turn it into a gorgeous decorative piece. You can use masking tape to paint the geometric shapes and edges.

Stencils are another fun design scheme to bring out the hidden charm of your old chair. Use furniture stencils of your choice and press ahead on your chair to transform it from drab to a hand-painted gem! This upgrade can brighten up the entire appearance of your space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Some Recommendations:

  • If you’re in love with monochrome, consider painting your chairs in the same shade as your walls. Moreover, an accent wall and a chair in the same hue can create an aesthetic statement in your room.
  • While painting your chairs, skip the matt paints designed for walls and instead go for paints that are ideal for furniture.
  • Touch-ups are needed for painted chairs throughout the years. If you want to protect the color of your chair from fading, retouch it once in a while.

When we return home after dealing with the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we seek out our chairs to lean on for a bit. Such moments will be even sweeter if your chairs are dolled up in beautiful hues! Moreover, this no-sweat upgrade can uplift the entire appeal of your space a lot. So, offer your very own throne a fresh lease of life and infuse a bunch of splendor into your room.


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