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Elegant Purple Shades for Your Wall Paint

By Tabassum Sayeka

From eggplants to lilacs and bold fuchsias to purple-hued greys, there’s a world of possibility within purple. Purple is the colour of royalty, a sign of wealth and power and one of the hottest colours in the shade card. This one’s very versatile and can be adapted to an array of tastes and styles. This colour has a stand-in for fresh blue or tranquil grey. Receded into the background or command centre stage, it can be whimsical or traditional—and everything in between. Plus, it’s simply oh-so spring. And if you thought this shade was a rage only in the ’80s, we have news for you! Done right, purple can be the colour that will distinguish your home from your neighbour’s. Whether you are seeking a powerful pop or a subtle shade, purple has everything to offer.

Whether you want to create a bold, bright space for those early mornings or you’re looking for a muted or deep shade suited to great sleep, there’s a shade of perfect purple for you. Here’s our roundup of the best purple paint colors for every type of wall paint in every home.

Mauve Moments in bedroom

It’s not in your face, but mauve has a subtle impact that can go a long way when used on more than one wall. When it comes to bedrooms, the goal should be serenity, tranquility, and sanctuary. That’s why so many people wrap their rooms in gray paint, the ultimate in calming colors. It’s a look we love, but for something slightly warmer (and a touch more feminine) consider mauve which melds beautifully with other similarly washed-out tones—pale blue, taupe, cream – and can be beautifully balanced out by more-masculine furnishings.

Mauve bedrooms are tasteful and timeless. Add in deeper and stronger versions of the color in a lamp or pillow to drive the color mission home, but remember smooth surfaces that echo the hue and nature-centric pieces that warm up the space act as the best accents, rather than adding large pieces like upholstered furniture or window treatments.

To keep this undertone purple shade looking sophisticated, you may avoid any cute or trendy accessories. The coral, pink and green accent pillows pop against the lilac background and bring out the joy in the color of the prints. I just can’t get enough of the watercolor feel of this shade, which can take a bedroom in a dreamland direction and guarantee that drifting off is a cinch. In an artsy, boho space, it holds its own without feeling overly saccharine against graphic accents – gold frames, a bold headboard, and a black side table.

Amethyst stud living room

Taking its color cue from the pretty perennial, this deep, grayed purple is as welcome as the early spring crocus budding through the snow. This jewel-toned purple shade creates an extravagantly chic living space. Your amethyst living room would be complete with a vintage couch or armchair and a complimentary custom rug. You can improvise mauve, caramel and slate together, and grayish-purple works well with golden yellow. Dark lilac, ice blue, ebony and eggplant combine to create a moody nighttime room for binge-watching your favorite sitcoms, and deep plum with autumn colors helps a large room feel more intimate. This majestic color has a soft spot for velvet and can rock a heel better than anyone. It’s a deep, rich purple to conjure up a touch of drama. Mystery and intrigue define dark purple. An intense, blackened shade that feels rich and velvety soft, it creates a beautiful backdrop for antique silver, fine crystal and heirloom furnishings. This hydrangea-esq purple stands out as much as it blends in for a subtle yet chic vibe.

Dine with Grape

Exotic, regal and inspiring, great dining halls of ancient Rome were adorned with purple. But these days interior designers are falling in love with this beautiful hue. Consider a saturated purple where you might otherwise use violet. Purple dining rooms bowl you over with their sophistication and splendor that is hard to replicate with other shades. On dining room walls, it has a similarly rich, traditional look and cozy feel but offers a bit of surprise. In this dining room, a Bordeaux color with warm undertones is advanced by similarly warm, silky draperies and wooden chairs.

In the low lights of a formal dining room, they can look really regal and solemn and create an atmosphere of filmy glamour – especially when complemented with gold metallic finishes, wooden furniture, silverware and shimmering glassware. Grape walls are flattering, warm, and lively and create a mirror-like sheen. This color would be great to add drama to a more intimate space like a workstation, study room or library.

Fuchsia breeds out of your kitchen

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to experiment with colors for your modular kitchen, then fuchsia is the ultimate choice. Your kitchen will be a stand-out zone of your home with this purple shade.  Needless to say, a purple kitchen is mysteriously inviting, eye-catchy and the color is very trendy for this season. A black or white wall with a mix of pink and matching fuchsia cabinets can make your kitchen ooze with style and comfort. This popular purple is youthful, optimistic, and soft, inspiring inner strength and focus. In a more neutral kitchen, adding a pop of color like this decadent fuchsia can completely brighten the space. For an easy kitchen refresh, a great cabinet paint job will do just the trick. A glossy finish would make the fuchsia-purple cabinets in the kitchen of your apartment look ultra-glam. Plus, wiping off any spills would be a breeze. Win-win.

Shower among Lilacs after a long day

As we carve out a space to disconnect from our busy lives, this timeless purple gives a fresh perspective on how to refresh a typical bathroom shed. When you use a small dose of lilac in your washroom wall, it highlights the architectural details and inspires creativity and open-mindedness. This casual undertone of purple helps a typical restroom space embrace style that’s uniquely you. This lighthearted shade serves as a mood booster after a long tiring day.

This is a perfect shade for any type of bathroom, it never fails to deliver a dose of calming relaxation. So, take advantage of a bathroom with loads of natural light by painting the walls in the lilac shade to enhance the space’s brightness. This master bath reflects a sanctuary-like vibe with mirrored cabinets reflecting the lilac walls.

Purple is an often-overlooked hue that lends a regal elegance to a home. Purple paint colors vary widely – from bold princess lilacs to deep, moody almost-gray hues and light periwinkles. While some are instant mood boosters, others make rooms feel extra cozy or even double as the ideal light neutral that’s just a little more welcoming and interesting than a classic gray—and pairs well with almost any bold color.


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