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A Story of Fire and Sunshine

By M. Rakinul Islam

Focus. If you are going to feel the colors of fiery red mixed with elegant yellow you will need to really focus for this one. Imagine you’re walking along the park in the most perfect, bright, sunny day. Let the yellow sunshine soak your skin, take a deep breath of the sweet stale air and take a peek at the fiery ambience of the red coated with yellow and bathe in the bask of an orange sunlight, while walking down the roads of a late autumn sky. Let that be your bright sunny day. 

Let’s focus on a more analytic approach to understanding the color enigma of orange, and for that we must first understand red and yellow. If you’re a hothead, imagining red will be relatively easy, but the part to focus on here is the energy that comes along the perception of red. Now imagine that red wall, with the paint still fresh being dripped with the burst of joy from yellow as the colors slowly melt into a hue of orange, creating a joyous tropical sunshine. 

Thankfully, understanding color has a more traditional method which does not require the understanding of wavelengths but a rather intrinsic understanding of emotions attached with the aura. If you have clicked on this article you already understand the prospects of orange and the purpose of this write up is to inspire you to drape your walls in a tropical sunshine or bask it in the glows of autumn.


You are on top of a mountain, you open your gloomy eyes to shower yourself under the exuberant aura of an orange sunrise, you see a hawk flying across the sky, the warm morning wind brushing against your body, reminding of you of the joys of life.

Imagine waking up to that every single morning. This inspiration is a bedroom special, and the optimum placement is the wall at the foot of your bed. Draped in the colors of orange, yellow and dark purple it is easy to understand how refreshing the sight of waking up to a sunrise can be, the burst of energy that comes with the sight of the sunrise to give you a smile at every glance.


Dry leaves scatter around the ground, everywhere you look it’s a burst of joy. The hot summer breeze is slowly being replaced with cold air as you melt in a melancholic bliss, reminiscing the thoughts of self-reflection and comfort of your own thoughts.

The primary location of this combination best suits the living room, giving the area a homely environment and putting the guests at a form of ease, making your living room a place of easy conversation that puts everyone at ease.


The rough edges of clay baked into terracotta gives a dark ambience that dissolves the surface into a molded fired porous body, representing millennia of sculptures that give the insight of a maker and molds earthenware into art.

The perfect place to let the basking colors of terracotta dissolve would be the kitchen, giving it a contradictory combination of grim and strength, making the area stand out and play technically by hiding stains of surviving the heat of the stove. The color is more brought to live through a combination of honey and sandstone, mixing to give the essence of a maker at the place it is desired most.

Candle Light

The light of purification, cleansing and peace. A dark room with a candle in the center not only evokes the peace of mind but it caries the ability to run a through of purification across the disturbed mind, bringing an instant feeling of gratification and bliss.

The power of this combination is so strong, it suits every corner of your house, any environment that demands a peaceful aura deserves to be draped in the colors of a candle light, the universal sign of peace, representing the light in ever darkness, a guidance through all the dark times.


Existing in nature as one the forms of nutrients through citrus, orange has the ability to stimulate appetite and is closely associated with healthy food.

This makes the combination of citrus color pallets an ideal color combination for the dining table, that naturally invokes the senses of taste and smell to the individual, preparing one for a healthy and appetizing meal at the table. The pallet combines magnificently with the combinations of green, blue, yellow and pink giving an exuberant atmosphere to the area that not only gets our sense invigorated but also puts our mind at rest by instigating activity.

The color orange has the ability to trigger more reaction than any other hue. The impact it has on the human mind ranges from hate to love, making it one of the most radiant pallets in the spectrum. The abilities of this color to invigorate the mind is beyond science and its effect to spite determination and joy is of wonder, using a pallet as diverse as this needs little inspiration and more imagination. Let the splatter of red and yellow drape any wall you wish and in the end, you will come up with a fabulous home.


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