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A Movie to Inspire Wall Colors

By Tasnim Jarin

The Sky Can Be Pink Too!

They said, “Work for your dream.”
I replied, “I live for my dream.”
They laughed at me and addressed me as, “Poor Girl”
I smiled looking at the sky,
This ‘Poor Girl’ can dream for a pink sky too!

According to Henry David Thoreau, “The world is but a canvas to our imagination”.  Our imaginary vision can become so unique that even we might not realize it before. We often tend to keep our imagination aside and focus on what we have been told to believe or practice. Our world of imagination has a lot more wings to fly, to dream for untold and unseen. Sometimes we find ourselves in a completely different form in terms of dealing with creativity and imaginary thoughts. It is perfectly fine to have your own wings to fly, whether others approve or not. Creativity doesn’t always need an affirmative response, even if it sounds completely weird in the beginning. Give it some time and let it flow. Thoughts will definitely find its own way and take shape into something beautiful.

As you see in the lines above, ‘The Sky Can Be Pink Too’ is indicating our freedom of thoughts. We are always compelled to think the way we are taught to. What if I thought to paint my walls black and mark my thoughts around each corner? Would that be such a terrible idea?

Or, what if I wanted to paint the other side of my room yellow and incorporate illusions of the countryside? Would that make me crazy for not sticking to the typical wall color palettes?

Ideally, It shouldn’t. Thus, we should always give priority to our own sky to understand how we would love to portray our vision and in which color.

Our imaginary sky might not look beautiful in blue, but it will surely look impressive in pink, ivory, lavender or teal. Following that choice and painting, the ceiling will definitely boost up your thoughts to think deeper and stronger.

So, why not release the bar and paint the canvas of our dear world. There is no definite color that can give our thoughts a perfect shape, until and unless we feel that color is our own. So, be the painter of your own imagination, pour the color of your thoughts into the wall and mark the lines of creativity.     


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