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Bring the Sistine Chapel to Your Home

By Sumaiya Azmi

The Sistine Chapel, ah! The magnificent papal chapel that dominates the heart of the Vatican, where the Popes swear allegiance to their sacramental leadership, is also a beautiful cradle of Renaissance art. Grandiose, alluring, and gorgeous are just a handful of phrases to define the splendor of this eternal masterpiece.

The interior of the chapel is coated in beautiful frescoes that depict stories from the life of Jesus. If someone glances once at the ceiling there, he’ll be unable to cast his gaze elsewhere for sure. Michelangelo’s ingenious use of bold hues, crisp outlines, and dramatic shading lends each fresco a powerful sense of depth. Blue, apple green, salmon, and aubergine are among the colors he featured in his palette. You can use these similar tones to bring the angelic aura of the Sistine Chapel into your home!


The paintings in the chapel capture the elegance of blue to such a degree that it is impossible to put it into words. So, while picturing a Sistine Chapel-inspired interior, the first hue that springs to mind is blue. Paint the entire room a serene blue color and introduce a slice of Michelangelo’s vault into your home!

Bright Apple Green

Green has the power to infuse a space with seraphic charm, a sense of well-being, and enthusiasm. Since the frescoes of the chapel possess a radiant apple green feel, you can use this color in your entrance hall or opt for an apple green accent wall to offer your home a renaissance ambiance.

Shades of Purple

Purple, a color that radiates spiritualism and eminence, is one of the most appealing hues in the shade card. Michelangelo used some beautiful shades of purple in multiple scenes of the Creation of the Heavens and Earth, including the Creator’s robe. Whether you desire a powerful burst or a subtle tone, don’t flinch from painting the walls of your bedroom or living area purple!


Salmon is a calming blend of pinkish hues with a hint of orange. This shade has the magical power to embrace both mild and intense tones. A warmer salmon with more orange will offer a luminous ambiance to your room, whereas a gentler salmon color will shower your space with elegance and a cordial feel. If you wish to up the drama in your decor, go for ombre walls using the shades of salmon.

The apple green entrance hall, purple in the living area, the calming blue bedroom, and salmon in the dining space; imagine how it all feels together! Your entire home seems to be a true testament to your passion for ancient art and culture, doesn’t it? So, let the colors in your home tell the legends and stories tied to the age-old but graceful Sistine Chapel.


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