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6 Paint Colors for Luxurious Interiors

By Nameeb Itmaam

Choosing a color for your home can usually be overwhelming. You would want to choose a unique color, yet any color other than the regular choices feel slightly off. Ultimately, the go to options are the ones chosen over and over again by professionals and regular people. Here, we have for you 6 paint colors that are uniquely presentable, even though they belong to the regular groups of paint colors.

Ebony Black (CB-101)

Though this color is an intense one, it’s not so strongly bold. A similar color has been used in a kitchen cabinet section designed by America based interior design company Studio McGee. The shade has the ability to make a strong statement without being intimidating, and this is probably due to the grey undertone that the shade has.


Soothing colors tend to be more popular than bolder ones, which is why pale greens and blues will never fall out of fashion. Especially if you are a fan of coastal aesthetics, “Oyster”, cleverly named, is a must-have on the paint palette of your home. The color is calming, but not too obtrusive.

New Wave Grey

This shade is practically similar to the shade Wythe Blue, named by American paints company Benjamin Moore as their 2012 Color of the Year. The shade adds a foreign, historical touch, especially when used on doors, and can be easily used in both traditional and contemporary spaces. There is a slight hint of grey, which adds to the sophistication if you decide to use it for a formal living or dining room.

Apple White (CB-018)

Apple White is a special shade that offers warmth to your surroundings without being overly yellow. The neutral color allows furniture in the room to have their own identity and stand out on their own. Wood colored tones and other neutral colors can be easily paired with Apple White. Designer Eric Cohler defines these types of shades’ ability to appear on the wall as a “true white – but with a little more body.”


This shade has a habit of making it into the best pink paint colors’ list. The soft blush on the body allows you to try out pink shades for your home, without letting it be too intense or overwhelming. This soft and neutral color, when combined with colors in the white or light green palette, can give you the appearance of a clean bright room.

Wedgewood (CB-093)

Although Greys are still popular for interiors and exteriors paints, certain shades stand out a bit more than others. Wedgewood seems to have an edge over similar hues in the color family, particularly when it comes to cabinetry. This shade is warm, but without the yellow or brown tones and has enough density to make a statement without shouting out. This can aptly be described as the “perfect medium-dark grey.”

The number of shades one can choose from while painting their house might always become too daunting. Choosing a paint that doesn’t go with your personal style, but doing it anyways just because you are seeing it everywhere, is always inevitably a recipe for disaster, and future repainting. The shades here are all trendy, yet uncommon. The combinations presented are unique yet not overwhelming. These are all available for Luxury Silk Emulsion, and can be purchased in any dealer shops that provide Color Bank facilities.


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