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4 Wall Color Palettes Inspired by the Shore

By Tunajina Islam

A sea away from the seaside – a utopian thought that we’d love to make true. The gentle tones of the ocean brushed against the sand makes for a lovely color pallet for your home. Beach colors can be inspired by the many different hues you might take note of while at the beach- warm orange sun, beige sand, aqua water or even the blue skies. Today, we’ll be exploring 4 unique beaches for color inspiration that will soothe your interiors.

1. Beau Vallon Beach, Seychelles

This beautiful beach by the islands of Seychelles reminds you of tranquility with its sea-glass aquatic colors. The almost transparent hues of the water make the whole island seem so enchanting. The ocean strokes the white shore creating a gorgeous shade of its own that fades into the sea and the sand on either side.

Sea-glass is a color in between blue and green and is often associated with the beach. You can pull this off with an ombre of pastel aqua green color. This beach look is ideal with white as a dominant color. Whether you want this color scheme for your bathroom or living room, a white open space with much natural lighting will go best with this. Sudden pops of aqua green along with the ceiling and bordered around the entrance look subtle yet elegant. From dark to light shades, you can play around with all tones. Throw in some glass showpieces to fully appreciate the sea-glass theme that encompasses transparency.

2. Harbor Island Beach, Bahamas

This absolutely stunning beach in the Bahama Islands is the essence of summertime vibes with Pina Coladas in hand and the warm sun smiling on your face. This beach is especially famous for its unique pink sand that looks like a fairy-tale against the clear blue waters.

The combination of light pink and blue sets a very feminine and inviting tone to the home. Pink being a bright popping color, this should be used sparingly. For this look, a dark ocean blue color can look classy and contrast the light warm pink perfectly. Using shades of white or gray as your base for any beach-themed color scheme, you may find that the walls shaded in only the base tone, while the furniture and wall frames encompass the colors of the beach, works well. Pink throws and pillows are the warm boosts this look needs. Play with different neutral colors like beige or gold elements within the furniture to add a whim of surprise.

3. Blue Lagoon Beach, Turkey

The infamous blue lagoon beach in Oludeniz, Turkey. What I love about this beach is its gorgeously deep green color that dominates the scenery. It crafts a deep oceanic feel that the ‘blue lagoon’ is notoriously known to do.

Now imagine that, right within the walls of your home. The underwater feeling that brings about a calm so comforting to your soul. To create this look, a deep aqua pallet is the key. The dark nature of this Blue Lagoon inspired color pallet screams sophistication. Pairing it with beautiful green house plants can add to the oceanic look by mimicking a coral reef amidst the sea. Opt for some lighter colored neutral furniture to finish off the look so as to balance the dark and light hues perfectly, and keep you grounded as you remember the beige shore at the end of the sea.

4. Mudhdhoo Island Beach, Maldives

Who says color inspirations can’t come from the nightly views of the beach. This famous beach in the Maldives is especially known for its glow in the dark water that illuminates the beach into this astounding cosmic radiance. The reason behind the glow is the bioluminescent nature of the microorganisms that live in this water. This is natural beauty at its finest.

Your interiors would look almost magical with a bluish glow that reminds you of this breathtaking beach. One way you can easily achieve this look is with the perfect combination of dim strip lights and dark blue toned walls. Whether it’s your bedroom we’re looking at or even your bathroom, this dark shade of blue could cover a large wall while strip lights in a cool tone line the edges of the ceiling, filling the room with a subtle glow. Balance the walls with lighter colors like white or olive to fully appreciate the variety in natural colors. You don’t want to go overboard with the lights but rather stick to the corners and sides for their placing. Adding in black elements within the room can add to that night time look and also give your room a modern touch.

We’re obsessed with this trend of sea-color-inspired walls. All these naturally beautiful beaches are the perfect source of inspiration for designing and decorating your home. Each theme unique in its own way and to each individual’s personality. To achieve these looks, Berger Paint’s color pallets have exactly what you’re looking for in shades that perfectly imitate the beach tones. From the dark hues to the lights and even the mid-tone aqua, you can create just the look you need. So, wait no longer, achieve the beachy look you’ve always dreamed of with these few tips to guide you.


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