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Versatile Illusions for Any Room Interior

By Tunajina Islam

Are you getting a little bored of the mundane wall décor that has been consuming your home’s interiors for far too long? Then it’s time to embrace a new found elegance and refresh your space. You might worry about finding the right looks for the right rooms, but fret not- there are some wonderful illusions that are suitable for any room. Let’s explore a few.


One color you can never go wrong with when decorating your interiors is the all-mighty gray. This color is perfect because of its neutral tone that is not too overpowering, yet is still eye-catching enough to make the wall stand out. Berger’s Verse Illusion is one that has a dominant gray with a lighter shade of floral pattern that covers the entire surface. This elegant illusion is worthy of any living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom.


When we look for interesting ways to present our home interiors, one thing that usually comes to mind is adding a hint of nature, and one way to do that easily is through an artistic wall design. Berger brings to you its Pushpodhara Illusion that sets a natural tone to any room. This minimal beige tone is complimented with a fine tree branch, and splashes of red flowers floating about. This brings class to a living room, calmness to a bedroom and playfulness to a child’s room. Whichever way you decide to go, it will compliment your desired room perfectly.

Aqua Foam

For those homemakers who love minimalist designs yet are seeking something that is zestful, you’re in the right place. Berger’s Aqua Foam Illusion is one of those designs that are futuristic and simple in nature. With one solid metallic color as the base, the winning feature of this illusion is the scrunched up texture that adds an almost 3D look to it. What I love about this illusion is that because of its minimalism, it’s suitable for any room in the house. With a varying number of colors, you can spruce up all your rooms with this in complementing shades. It brings a level of sophistication to areas of the house that are more formal, and eludes a vibrancy in areas of the house that are more eccentric.


A house close to its roots is a home indeed. We humans tend to keep our roots deeply embedded in our lives through subtle features. Whether its cherishing an old sentimental showpiece, or simply transforming a wall into a traditional work of art. Berger’s Jamdani illusion is exactly the kind of piece of tradition one needs in their home. With the folksy color combo and prints that surface this illusion, we can say that it triggers one’s sentiment for Bengali roots. You can perfectly show this off in your living room for guests to see at first sight, or decorate the hallways with this where matching picture frames can dwell side by side. This is even a fun little piece for children to enjoy having in their room to evoke happiness and calm.

Rose Bud

A home’s best friend is pastels. Any home in this era encompasses a set of pastels whether it be in I the wall color, curtains or simply the nightstand showpieces. Pastels are loved for their dynamic use that go with any kind of look. Here, we have Berger’s Rode Bud Illusion that is set on a beautiful pastel background with fine prints in complementing colors. This soothing blue sets in motion a sense of comfort and welcoming to any home. Paired with beige sofas, bedsheets, or lamps, this look can completely refresh your space and give it the liveliness it craves. A splash of color boosts the mood in any room or any hallway. So you don’t have to limit yourself to just one!

The best thing to do when looking for home interior ideas is to opt for designs that are suitable for almost any room. This way, you can never go wrong with what you choose. From gorgeous metallic colors to calming pastels, your home will look fresh and vibrant. So, go ahead and start your journey of revamping your home with in the simplest way, with some of the most versatile Berger Illusions. 


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