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Transforming a Home with New Illusions

By Tunajina Islam

Gone are the days of dull bare walls that add minimal life to a room. In these times, homemakers everywhere seek out the best wall paints and designs for their homes to liven up the place in the most elegant and artistic way. Nothing transforms a boring room better than a fresh new coat of wall illusions. Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Berger Paints with their new illusion designs that have recently been added to the collection. Let’s explore the ways in which a homemaker can make use of such illusions to maximize their interior look.


If you’ve ever wanted to spend your days in the comfort of a regal-inspired lavish abode, then this look is for you. A prominent red speaks boldly and is a fierce choice in wall colors. Red also symbolizes royalty and was a major theme in the Mughal Emperor’s times. Berger’s Antique Illusion is the perfect way to go if you have a sentiment for the vintage days. The gold pattern that resembles a fine Victorian design is the key element that ties the whole Illusion together. Shimmering gold print layering a rich red backdrop is all you need to bring back the era of royalty in your home.

Pairing this illusion with the right furniture and displays is essential to bring the best out of the theme you have set for the room. Think of antique pieces that portray mid-century traditions in colors of gold, silver and crystal. Neutral colored furniture would complement this illusion best, so as to not take away attention from the walls itself.

Ring Crack

Elegance is in the simplicity of designs and the use of color and texture to create an aesthetic look. Berger’s Ring Crack Illusion attests to that, with their use of large tile-like squares that embrace a warm gold color, tinted with dark and light shadows. For those who love natural beige colors as a central theme for a room, this is the thing you need to take your décor up a notch. What’s even more visually interesting about this particular illusion is the 3D texture that gives the walls more life. The rawness of this texture also adds to the natural feel of the theme. When used in the correct setting, this Illusion can do wonders to your home.

Sandy Beach

When your heart belongs to the city but craves the shore, you can turn to a beachy themed wall to experience the calm you’ve been longing for. Berger’s Sandy Beach Illusion portrays a bright blue sky, with subtle hues of white that finish with a beige sandy shore. This Illusion is more on the light-hearted and fun side and is a great way to add life to a room. Children especially would get a kick out of this design as it radiates imagination.  Given the colorful and bright nature of this theme, a contrast of natural wall colors like beige and off-white would be best suited for the adjacent walls.

Baby Deer

Moving onto the more whimsical and animated illusions, I find Baby Deer Illusion to be one of my new favorites. This Berger wall Illusion comprises a graceful wilderness with a baby deer and its mother. If the movie Bambi was one of your childhood favorites, then you’ll love this illusion. Adding a hint of imagination and fun to the house can really be a great mood booster. This design settles for a very minimalistic color choice of black sketches on a gray-green backdrop. What’s great about the color choice is that almost anything can complement it. The opposite and adjacent walls can foster warmer and brighter colors while the room itself can hold colorful displays of art, ornaments, and more. Whether you want to set this in a child’s room with a whimsical theme, or in one side of your living room with a more subtle and elegant theme, this Illusion works great either way.


The night sky is one of the most soothing sights for a restless mind. The fusion of dark purple-y hues with the blackness of night and shimmering stars is all you need to set your mind at ease. Berger’s Chandrakabbo is a great illusion to have in a child’s room, preferably next to the bed so they can doze off to sleep dreaming about the galaxy in all its wonder. This adds a new dimension to the room with its surreal theme and eye-catching animation. Because of its darker hues, this illusion is best complemented with lighter but natural colors to avoid turning the room too gloomy. The perfect tool to transform a mundane room with creativity!

The best makeover you can give your home is with illusions. Ranging from minimalistic and elegant to colorful and fun, transforming your home has never been easier. So, the next time you look at a bare wall in your house, think of the multitude of possibilities you can create with a simple illusion from Berger’s new range, and bring that wall to life.


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