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Renovate Your Grandparents’ Room with the Touch of Illusions

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Grandparents are one of life’s most unconditional blessings, and coming from someone who doesn’t have his grandparents anymore, you should make memories with your grandparents as much as you can while they are still around you. Re-decorating their room can be a great way to make some wonderful reminiscences with your grandparents which you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

Illusions, although a slightly newer edition of room painting, can bring back the 1950s premise in the 21st century so that our grandparents can re-experience their childhood from their room. But before painting the room with illusions, here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Get to know their preferences: Try to involve them in every decision regarding decorating their room because if you didn’t consult with them before, they might not like something about it. Get to know their favorite color, favorite flower, also getting to know about their favorite movies might help too.
  • Making sure of enough natural lights which complement the design of the Illusion: Elder people will most certainly prefer natural lights and smooth airflow throughout the room. So we have to consider this factor because incorporating illusions that might need artificial lights to stand out.
  • Floral Illusions are recommended: Illusions that consist of flowers and plants are preferable to elders because they will most certainly like the touch of nature in the design of their room painting.
  • Base Color: Most people might think our grandparents like light colors, but I think choosing the base color is something that we must discuss before selecting, and if grandfather and grandmother differ in preferences go with grandmother preferences. Thank me later. The notion of old people only like light colors might not be always true, so feel free to explore darker shades too.
  • Complementing their favorite antiques: Most of our grandparents have a favorite antique item from their past. It could be an old telephone, clock, betel leaf holder, etc. We have to make sure that the item is emphasized when using an illusion.
  • Complement the retro furniture and curtains: Sometimes, our grandparents hold onto their old furniture and curtains, so we have to make sure the design of the illusion also complements that furniture.
  • Remember the religious aspects: Your religious grandparent will surely not like the illusion if it has any animal figure on it. You have to remember elders value religion and may not be open to ideas that transgress their religious values.
  • Finally, try to make it as simple as possible: Never over-clutter your grandparents’ room with many designs and using many illusions. Try to make it simpler, using illusions on only one wall instead of every wall.

Following these steps will certainly make your work easier while painting your grandparents’ room with illusions. Now the decision time- when are you going to make a great memory by renovating your memory-makers room?  The sooner the better.


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