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Renew the Ordinary with Fresh Illusions

By Tunajina Islam

Sometimes we find ourselves getting bored of the ordinary, and looking for a new start. Whether it’s a new step in our lives that we are preparing to take, or simply changing up the ambiance in our homes, it’s vital to find that route to feel renewed. Today, we’ll be looking into the ways in which we can turn the old and dull into new and vivacious with a fresh coat of paint with Berger Illusions.

Fairy Illusion

For children with a wild and creative imagination, adding a bit of a mystical touch to their room walls can go a long way in catering for their imagination. That is where Berger Fairy Illusion comes in to play- a gentle yet mesmerizing combination of purple hues that range from light to dark, with a splash of bright colors. Aside from the child-friendly art, the colors aid in soothing a playful mind right to sleep.

This design is so full of color and warmth and would be best suited for a large wall, but you don’t want to overdo the room with these colors. So, opting for a natural color on all the other walls can help tone down the energy.

Puzzle Illusion

Purple is said to be a symbol of royalty. It emits a beautiful radiance of elegance and luxury. So, why not adorn your walls in shades of purple that easily turn an ordinary room into an exquisite setting? We bring to you Berger Puzzle Illusion that applies an interesting visual play with square patterns scattered in an orderly manner. In a nutshell, we can compare this design to the much-loved game, Tetris. If you’re as addicted to this game as I am, this wall design will surely tickle your fancy.

The great thing about this wall illusion is that it can be applied to almost any room in the house. Its simplicity allows it to be versatile. Given its bright nature, this illusion can be paired perfectly with more neutral shades of furniture, or contrasted with an adjacent white or beige wall. 

Balaka Illusion

The mind is so full of life and creativity, and sometimes we don’t even know the lengths to which our imagination can go. A piece of art is enough to break through the barrier and bring out deeper thoughts. Berger’s Balaka Illusion is such a soulful piece of art that anyone who appreciates a good brush stroke and fusion of colors on a canvas will love this.

This vivid design incorporates a variety of colors that are synonymous with nature. With a subtle white silhouette of birds flying high, it brings about a sense of calm that helps create a soothing ambiance. Pair this design with wooden furniture and house plants along with tables and walls, and you’ll have the perfect outdoor vibe.

Lokoj Illusion

For those who love an illuminating wall that instantly boots ones mood, Berger’s Lokoj design is the perfect thing for you. Mood boosters usually fall under the yellow-orange palette and are a great way of adding life to an ominous house. These colors are synonymous to happiness, positivity and creativity, so why not bring these vital elements into your own home? We often find homeowners looking for calm color combinations, so this look is definitely one that stands out from the crowd.

The pattern is one that brings about visual appeal. One can fully appreciate the texture, subtle patterns and the artistic influence of this design. It works best for big walls, like in the living room or even the kitchen. Fun and art savvy furniture can complement this illusion well. 

So, when we look for new changes in our lives, we can start by a simple gesture of renewing the ambience in our own homes. Bringing out newer thoughts and positivity, boosting our minds, and finding peace in the art around us. These are essential in building a sanctuary for yourself in your home where you feel safe, calm and have a sense of belonging.


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