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Live Fish Tank Illusion for Walls

By Tasnim Jarin

“A fish tank is just interactive television for cats.” – Oliver Gaspirtz


If you have a cat at home, then this fish tank illusion is going to be a great fun for all of you. This poor kitty might find it quite mysterious to see fishes all over a wall staying ever so still.  

Jokes apart, among all the colorful floral illusions, flying bird patterns, nature ambiances or your own creative pattern illusions, this fish tank/live aquarium illusion pattern would definitely stand out and make a creative look for your home. 


Ocean lover souls would especially love the feeling of being amidst an ocean and exploring the underwater marine lives of fishes and other living sea creatures. Living with a busy schedule of a city life, we don’t get much chance to visit seas or mountains. We either watch videos on television or on YouTube and feel amazed at the idea of life forms living underwater. Many of us even keep an aquarium at home. We place the aquarium in a suitable corner of the house, decorate it with lights, rare stones and artificial trees and then put some fishes inside. 


But the maintenance of an aquarium is never an easy task and also expensive at the same time. Of course, you can have a small round glass bowl to keep one or two small red goldfishes inside, but that won’t make up for a big aquarium where you can keep different species of fish. Thus, getting inspiration from an aquarium, you can paint some specific parts of your walls at home with live aquarium illusion patterns.

This illusion pattern is going to be an amazing choice for the kid’s room as well. Along with starry nights or galaxy illusions, you can also paint an illusion pattern comprised of fish tanks in any suitable wall of the room. As this is for the kid’s room, you can make it colorful by using all the bright color palettes. You can include the image of dolphins, tiger barbs, small red goldfishes and angel fishes in the illusion with waves, treasure boxes and trees. 

On that note, to make your choice more creative and attractive, Berger Paints has launched yet another amazing illusion pattern to add to its list. This beautiful illusion pattern is known as Berger Illusion Marine Life. This illusion will portray marine life pictures on walls. It’s appropriate for kids’ rooms as well. This marine life illusion will not only grab their attention, but will also encourage them to know more about various species of fish and underwater living creatures.

In the illusion, you can use any of the bright colors like aqua, blue, teal or purple as base, while designing on light and dark shades. Color pattern for trees and fishes should be in dark shades too. This will make the illusion on the wall more presentable. Don’t forget to set a corner lamp or focused light on top of that particular wall to enhance the beauty of the illusion. This lamp light is a must for the room.    


This marine life illusion of an aquarium is quite uncommon and unique. So, to paint your home wall, if you plan to do something out of the box and amazing, then this live aquarium illusion pattern is the right decision for you! 


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