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Geometric Illusions for Modern Times

By Tunajina Islam

Geometry is not just used in math, but art too! The use of geometry in art has been a prevailing trend over the past couple of decades. If you appreciate symmetry and playful lines, then this type of art is one you can definitely get on board with. Geometric art is the practice of using shapes, lines, symmetry and repetition to create a carefully directed masterpiece. With the right eye for interior, you can adorn your home in such wall designs and illusions to step up your artistic game!

First let’s ask the question, why? Why geometric art is a good choice for you:

  1. It is a unique design that can transform your home look instantly and affordably
  2. It brings a touch of modernity and minimalism
  3. It’s versatile as there are tons of different shapes and schemes you can try
  4. It goes well with almost any room décor
  5. It’s easy to DIY and create to your specifics

Now let’s dive into some stunning examples of geometric wall illusions in modern times.

Symmetrical Cubes

Cubes are the simplest shape you can use to create visual aesthetic in any design. Here we see different shades of a similar blue that forms a collages of cubes. The cubes come in abstract patterns so this design can be seen as a mix of abstract and geometric. Overall it gives a lovely tiled look that goes perfectly with bathroom walls and kitchen backdrops.


Brick Wall

A great way to create a unique design for your walls is to create an illusion of a raw brick wall. These rows will have different complimented shades of your preferred color, with geometrical rectangles to bring a methodological touch to it. This design is perfect in its simplicity and can be used in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any wall you want to bring a raw feel to. Even though it is quite a simple design, it gives off much visual interest.



Who doesn’t love stripes? It gives an instant look of modern aesthetics and is the perfect choice for those looking for symmetry in a room. Clean stripes in any complementing color will do the trick. Contrasting colors like navy blue and white also make a great match. You can use this pattern as a backdrop for your bed or go all out and create a stellar look in your living room.


Squares in Various Sizes

Squares are easy to play around with to create various pieces of geometric art. The versatility in this makes it a popular option so you can use it in almost any corner or wall of the house. In this picture you can see the use of bright squares, smaller dull squares, and petite rectangular shapes to create a collage of many different sizes. This pattern is fun in nature and gives your wall a vague symmetry.  



Diamond Mural

Sometimes less is more. A great example of that is a simple diamond mural that covers no more than ¼ of your wall. This mural is perfected with contrasting white diamonds and a plain slab of the main color, red. This look is for those homeowners who want a touch of geometric art in their home but not anything that’s too bold. As simple as it is, this design goes a long way in terms of style and elegance.


The Beehive

We call this pattern the beehive because of its mural of hexagons that come together to form a beehive-like aesthetic. Diamonds are widely used in geometric art designs because of its unique shape that mimics a circle yet has no round edges. This beehive look can be done in an ombre of colors that range from light to dark, or in a mono-toned theme that suits the room.


When thinking of your next wall design or illusion, keep in mind the beauty of geometry and how it can easily spruce up your walls with a plethora of designs to choose from. Don’t shy away from playing around with different combinations of colors or choosing a vibrant pallet. So, wait no longer, take this idea and make it a reality!


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