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Color Illusion of Prayer Room: Find Something Calm and Peaceful!

By Sadia Islam Bristi

Religion has always played a vital role in human history. In our day to day life, we feel the need to have a separate corner in our house to pray. It’s sacred, it’s special! You can keep the color of your prayer room white. But, there are some other illusions that you can use too.

Calm and peaceful color

Caption: Choose a color which makes you calm and comfortable

The place where you pray should be in the most peaceful corner of the house. And, that is the same reason, for what you need to choose peaceful color for the room too, that will keep your mind calm and blessed. So, if you want to put a holy vibe in the atmosphere of your Namaz room, choose a less vibrant and simple shade of color.

A little bit vibrant

Caption: In your prayer room, you can use some vibrant color to worship

If you want to use your prayer room for worship, you can choose some vibrant color too. There are some warm colors, like- red, yellow, orange, etc. You can use any of these colors or any shades of them. For Puja, Hindu people loves to find some cheerful color around. For the prayer room, Christian norms may find the best comfort in the mixture of vibrant and peaceful color. Choose the color and put it on the basis of these simple details while thinking about a prayer room.

Use a little shape

Caption: Some shape will look good in the prayer’s room wall

Color, whether it is a peaceful one or a vibrant one, you can enjoy some variation into it. You will find some illusions where you can have some little pieces of shapes. There are some specific illusions for the prayer room you will get in Berger. You can pick your expected colors and find the best shapes out of them. Even, you can customize according to your choice. For the worship room, you can put the shape of the holy things in the wall.

Use light color

Caption: Pick a light color

Religion is a very sacred thing. The light color goes the best with spirituality. So, it would be better if you don’t choose any dark color and go for the light one. Even if, the color is a vibrant one; you can go for a light theme. There are some specific things of a prayer room, for which you can choose a heavy shade. But, in general way, for the wall of your prayer room, you can find the comfortable one.

Pick a solid color

Caption: You can draw some structure in the color

You don’t always need to put any shape or pick the white color. You can choose any other solid color too. It can be sky blue or any other color. And while using color, you can draw some structure on the wall with the same color. If you don’t want to use any shape in your prayer room, this is the way, which will make the room more amazing without any other color.

Confused about the right color? Choose any of these shades. Believe me, each of these colors will work perfectly for your prayer room; even may work better too!


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