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Celebrate Eid with Illusions

By Tunajina Islam

With Eid festivities ahead, your house could use a little revamping to boost the celebration spirit. Don’t underestimate the power of a beautifully designed wall and soothing colors. Berger brings you hundreds of wall illusions to choose from that create just the theme you need to brighten up your home. Today we’ll look into a few of Berger’s wall illusions that will suit the likings of many.


Mandala art is a traditional form of art that holds a great deal of symbolism in the Indian culture. These vibrant geometric designs are instantly eye-catching and gives life to surface it’s displayed on. We find Berger Rangan Illusion to be a great example of mandala-like art that uses calming colors of purple. It has an artsy texture to it and can serve as a beautiful backdrop for bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms. The design is fun in nature and is perfectly suitable for a celebratory theme this Eid.


Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the ordinary and look for a unique piece of art you can add to your wall. For those that agree, Berger Pushpita Illusion is one you can opt for. This exciting illusion is jam-packed with florals, nature and so much vibrant color. There’s no better way to liven up your home than with colorful florals. You can tone it down by contrasting this illusion with plain, mono-colored walls adjacent and opposite to it. It will create a great balance for your home!


If colorful, fun patterns are not your thing, then elegance and simplicity is something that might suit your taste better. For that, Berger brings to you its Sweep Illusion. This gorgeous design is made up of a royal gold that glistens boldly. The texture of this illusion gives it an almost 3D look. Its subtle patterns that blend right into the background makes this illusion even more appealing. For homeowners who have white or beige furniture, this gold addition will highly compliment them and perfect the royal look.

Bagan Bilash

We all love a little touch of nature in our homes. Whether it’s through pots and plants lining the shelves or gorgeous greenery in our balconies, we make sure the natural element is there. This Eid, try something new. Try an illusion that enlivens the room with beautifully stenciled art. Berger Bagan Bilash encompasses a soothing green backdrop and dangling flowers that blossom in pink. This illusion is balanced out with creativity and minimalism, while adding a gorgeous pop of color.

Naksha 4

The way you adorn you home can either make or break it. We all look for some sophistication in the house and one way you can achieve a neat and refined look is through the right wall illusions. Berger Naksha 4 is a personal favorite of mine when it comes to a classy theme. This illusion has a warm beige background that is contrasted by bold red patterns. The patterns look almost Victorian which is what adds to the sophistication. This can go perfectly in a living room or bedroom and can be complimented with chic furniture.

Joy of Nature 1

While we’re contemplating giving our walls a do-over this Eid, let’s not forget the kids! It can be really good for a child when they get a fresh new look in their room. It’s a great mood booster to change it up once in a while and keep the children’s imagination flowing. Berger’s Joy of Nature 1 illusion is a fun illusion that incorporates both the underwater world and the world in the sky. It has a variety of shades of blue and pops of yellow that are sure to be loved by children.

Cane Forest

Another nature look that is an absolute favorite of mine is Berger’s Cane Forest Illusion. This woody background color is great for a darker theme. It can be paired perfectly with wooden furniture and green plants around the room to complement the murky brown. The stencil art comprises of white bamboo trees that add a calming sense of Mother Nature. This look is unique and fun and shows off your love for trees while adding an exciting element to your home.

We all know being stuck at home during this pandemic can take a toll on one’s mind. In that case, we need to ensure we’re creating a comfortable and happy environment within our homes. Let us embrace this holy occasion of Eid and make the most of it at home by giving our walls a fresh new look, and our minds a fresh new start. 


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