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Bridal Illusions – For a New Beginning

By Tasnim Jarin

Are you planning to get married soon or in a couple of months? Then this would be the perfect time to redecorate your home with some amazing illusions to welcome the new member coming to your home. Don’t panic; you have enough time and a good number of illusion samples, from which you can choose the perfect one for your home. Now the question is from where would you find the samples? To make your life a little bit easier, Berger Illusion has onboarded some bright and beautiful illusion collections.  Let me introduce a few of them for your convenience. 

Starting with Berger’s Radhachura pattern illusion, if your bedroom is spacious enough, then this pattern will be suitable for the room. If the room is painted with light shades like white, cream or ivory, then this bright color pattern illusion will make a contrast to brighten up your room. Also, you can decorate your room with cream or white color curtains. Apart from orange, you can choose green, master yellow, pink or any suitable shade for a particular wall of your room. For your convenience, other shades samples are given below.

Similar to the Radhachura pattern, there is another beautiful floral pattern called Shornolota. This pattern is suitable for the living room and bedroom. The soothing green shade will enhance the beauty around with a natural vibe. Also, you can choose your favorite shade to design the illusion in your own way.

Especially for a new beginning, it would be fun to have a unique design room. This can be a sports zone or Theater room. In this regard, Berger illusion has introduced Nishat illusion, a modern theme illusion pattern. This illusion pattern comes with several bright shades. To enhance the beauty of the room, you can also decorate the ceiling with focus lights or hanging corner lamps. Preferably this type of illusion will look amazing having decorated a flooring sofa with cushions, throw pillows or bean bags. 

This illusion pattern named Verse will complement the white theme home design. Thus, not only the paint, you can also decorate the room with white or ash color based furniture with paintings and cozy chairs. And don’t forget to nurture some in-house green plants in different corners of the room and a square shape mirror to make the room look wider.  

The Golden Blossom illusion pattern will be fitted in the bedroom wall. To get an artistic featured home, you can decorate the room with some hanging quotes on the opposite wall of the illusion. If you prefer a bright illusion pattern amidst a white or off white theme room, then mark a particular wall for this specific illusion design. It will definitely brighten up your day with a bold and vibrant look.

Besides Golden Blossom, there is another option for white gold theme pattern as well. This pattern can be applicable for the living room wall. Those who prefer to have a white with golden based theme tone for home, they can choose the Ripples pattern illusion. Or else, traditional bright-golden blossoms will be right choice for couples to celebrate their new beginning of life.

For living space, this kind of illusion pattern will be preferable for the wall behind the sofa. You can also add carpet and cushions or throw pillows on the floor. In that case, keep less furniture and only the necessary decoration stuff in the room.

To chit chat with friends and family, this place would be perfect for any purpose. Or else, you can utilize the space as entertainment. The choice is yours! On the opposite side of the illusion wall, you can set up a home theatre or can hang a TV on the wall, to make the place look spacious and modern. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the illusion patterns, discuss with your partner and paint the walls of the dream home with Berger Illusions to celebrate the beginning of a life together.


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