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A Book by the Cover

By M. Rakinul Islam

Contrary to popular belief, although a book shouldn’t be judged by its covers, statistics show that 55% of first impressions are made by what we see visually. If a house were to be a living being, the living room would be the face, it is in most cases the first sight a guest lays their eye upon, hence creating their first impression. Now, if you are the traditional human being, and a believer of science, it is eminent that you seal the deal in the first sight, meaning create a stellar expression on your visitors the moment they set foot on your dwelling and to achieve that, the need of a beautified face for your house is of utmost importance.

While we all have a few skeletons to bury when it comes to keeping up with a tip top house, the key of illusion is always handy in social interaction and the atmosphere we set around it. For this segment we will run through the different facades a good paint job can pull off into representing oneself and their objectives through a stellar living room.


Although the derivation of stoicism in human nature was not pertinent till the 3rd Century, nature has always been the finest display of discipline through out time and beyond. The ability to portray calmness in the most disastrous of time can only be represented through the simplicity of nature in all its beauty.


Mellow in color, blissful to the sight. The ability of nature to calm an individual is stunning in its own capacity, but to walk into a living room with the illusion of drizzling plants embroidered in white against a soothing background sends a chill down the spine. If catching one’s attention is an objective, it is well achieved through their evocation of peace as they enter your dwelling, running a smooth hand through the drizzle of nature.

Rain Drop

The true spirit of a stoic is captured in the escape to melancholy and back. To understand the essence of this illusion we must first create a scenario. Imagine a gloomy Saturday morning, the sky has been overrun by a flock of grey clouds and the sky grumbles in the distant. The west wind blows and with it the irreversible drops of rain, splattering against the window. Soothing or Sad? 

The purpose of the illusion is to bring the occupant at a state that sends us in a spiral of thoughts, making it the perfect atmosphere to sit for a cup of tea and lose in the thoughts of oneself and others, to sooth the mind the color gradients are carefully selected to evoke the most blissful of melancholy.


The epitome of nature’s stoicism. The discipline doesn’t test the endurance of an individual’s pain or hardship but rather puts a show of how one goes through it without the showcase of emotion or complains. Spring is a representation of nature through all its hardship, the creation of life after the dredged winter and the rebirth of happiness. Bright in color gradients, each pallet is specifically chosen to infuse the joys of sight, with the perfect representation of growth after demise, the illusion not only creates a hopeful atmosphere but it shares the joy and sets a trance of the chirping of nature’s flight.

Urban Aesthetic 

Through the eyes of Daniel Hudson Burnham was when we first perceived that the concrete jungles we lived in could be beautified in manners that were not only appealing but soothing to the eyes. Known as the ‘Father of the City Beautiful’, it was much later that we realized that the urban setting that we all despised so much could have aspect of aesthetics. 


The expression of nostalgia melts at the look of this illusion, blending with the fades as our view focuses on the bricks and slowly mellows to the center as we blur into thoughts. The details touch the heart as the hanging plants from the top and side give our view enough space to lose in thoughts. The color combination is selected to be bold, the pallets destined to create a contrary of uncomfortable comfort, letting the anxious feeling melt, but slowly into a whirl of vintage.


It is behind the toughest people that we often find the warmest glows, and it is in the roughest edges we find the smoothest silence. This illusion creates an endless edge of patterns across the wall that will surely catch the attention of a wandering eye, sailing through the patterns of the rocky illusion, one will surely loosen up to the comfort of your fabulous living room. Creating a statement between blue and brown and everything in between should come as no challenge, as fierce as the title is, the illusion lives up to the standards of issuing a solid statement.


The cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. A material so fine that it engulfed the renaissance, becoming the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects. This fine illusion drapes the dwelling walls with a fine taste of elegance that not only serves as comforting but creates and aura of fine taste to the soothing eyes, the smoothness of the surface lingers the vision just long enough to transverse into thoughts that meet the elegance of the art. Chose from a range of fixating color pallets, that live up to the illusions determined sense of belonging and give your living room a face worthy of its nature.

Floral Fiesta

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

The blossom that blooms to paint mother nature in the vivid colors across its plane. The necessity of flowers in the heart of Earth cannot be expressed in text or speech, rather it must be felt and indulged in through the very senses of a being. 

Venus, Verse & Cartin

Through the exquisite petal of the flora embossed by the vinyl surrounding it, the combination of the color makes for a soothing appetizer to bring a calming beautification of the area. The beauty about flowers are inherent in the design bound to create an orchid of constructive impression.

Mitali, Mollika & Zinnia

The beauty of Bengal and its traditional flowers have always been mesmerizing to the mind and sight. The likes of these blossom around the country side and in households have always sparked sentiments. Berger Illusion aims at taking this traditional sentiment and encapsulating the beauty of our continental flowers into the most beautiful illusions for our wall art. From the subtle mix of the Mital to the full bloom of the Zinnia, the color pallets not only compliment the aura of sensible bliss, but gives the viewer an illusion to dangle on, lingering along the full fiesta of a floral illusion.


The red bird of paradise, the beauty of this illusion is elevated through the smooth strokes along the petal, giving a serene nature to ghastly lose oneself in. The illusion makes up for an orchid giving the guest an environment to truly rejoice their floral essence, while making up for a great conversation starter.


 Contrary to the list, kashful is actually a native species of grass to the Indian Subcontinent, but the joy and ambience this plant brings to the people is matched by few. Welcoming the winter breeze in Autumn this grass blooms along the empty patch of land, creating an ambience unmatched by most natural show of beauty, a winter breeze blowing the elegant white pollen across the field under the golden sunshine is a universal scene of eternal bliss, and that is exactly the purpose of this illusion. 

As important it is to create an impression on the guest based on their first impression, it is more important to find self-satisfaction at every glance at one’s own living room. Choosing the perfect illusion will not only create a presentable area for hosting the guest but a room that speaks the heart and mind of the dweller, a room that makes you want to sit and immerse in your thoughts and lose yourself to the illusions you desire, be that the aesthetics of the urban or the floral fiesta of your compassion.


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