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9 Reasons Why Illusions are Better than Wallpapers

by Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Most people will agree with ‘What to do with your wall’ is the most significant part of house ornamentation because it distinctly affects the other aspects of the house décor. Hinging only on painting can make your interior decoration unexciting, So, here comes the role of illusions and wallpapers. By not overusing them, you can create a creative touch to your houses. So are you considering a beautiful and durable revamping of your interior home decor? If yes then illusions are your go-to choice.

1. The Less Expensive Option

To decorate a 100 square feet wall with a decent quality wallpaper, the costing will definitely cross 10 thousand marks, with fitting charge and service charge as well. On the other hand, you can easily illustrate your 100 square feet wall with well under 10 thousand BDT, with appropriate paint and chemicals you can make a delightful model of your choice ranging from 4000 to 10000 BDT. You can paint yourself too, which will be decreasing the service cost.  Additionally, considering the longevity of the illusions, it’s clearly the more reasonable choice.

2. Fewer Baggage to Deal with

From applying wallpapers to the wall, to its lifespan you will surely have to deal with these hitches,    

  • Layers Unfastening
  • Twisting or Wobbly Edges
  • Rips While Bordering
  • Spaces Between Strips
  • Bubbles, Bubbles, and Bubbles
  • Wallpaper Tears
Tearing Trouble of Wallpaper  

Yes, you can fix this with precautions and other steps, but why bother when you can just avoid these problems by using illusions. It’s not a pleasant feeling when a guest comes to your house and sees a torn wallpaper.

3. Change of mind is applicable here

When many of the online products come with the condition ‘change of mind isn’t applicable’, wall illusions are quite the opposite. You can change the illusions of your wall easily or just get rid of it if you want.  It is really easy to update and revamp if you prefer a new color. However, you just can’t change wallpapers that easily, because you can’t paint over it and tearing it down is troublesome. Consequently, you’re basically stuck with it for a long time, even if you don’t adore it that much.

4. Swift Appliance

Research suggests that illustrating walls are 10 times less time consuming than applying wallpaper. You believed the statement, right? No? Yeah, I made that up but it’s guaranteed that wallpapering a wall takes more time than illustrating a wall.

Variations of the Illusions

5. You can Illustrate Your Creativity

With fewer options for wallpapers, there’s a good chance you can find the exact same wallpaper that you’ve used on your wall in someone else’s house. You’ll definitely have to stuck with the design you’ve bought in case of wallpapering. Contrarily, you can express your creativity thoroughly with illusions, you can alter a slight portion of the entire illusion if you desire to, which you just can’t achieve with wallpaper. And these small changes can surely make your wall décor uniquely mystic. 

Bright light reflection
Bright Color Reflection

6. Illusions Reflect Lights Better

If you’ve read our fabulous house section of the blog, you surely can assume how vital light reflection is to create an interior décor theme throughout the house. Illusions can assist you to do exactly that. Dissimilarly, wallpapers don’t reflect light that much.

Wallpaper Damping

7. Dealing with Dampness Effortlessly

Unlike wallpapers, Illusions can deal with moistures easily, most illusions are water-resistant. One can use illusions in kitchens, bathrooms without having to worry about shedding and missing out on the aesthetic value.

Easy to clean wall illusions

8. Illusions are easier to clean

Cleaning wallpapers can be a tedious task that takes heaps patience and effort. Yes, there are chemicals that can be of help – but most of them contain abrasives. Do you really want to fill your home with toxic chemicals?

 From cleaning to peeling, there are a number of things that can go wrong with wallpaper. Wallpapers are more prone to filth and harder to take care of the cleaning than illusions. While cleaning wallpapers, scratch and tears are more likely to happen. A small tear or spot will make you redo the whole process of stripping and pasting, which is more time consuming than re-painting. But Illusions are very easy-cleaning, wipeable and it takes less maintenance. You can easily wipe your wall with a piece of cloth and there also has no chance of peeling or tearing!

9. Illusions provide you with more choice of colours

With respect to wallpapers, trust me, the options and colour choices that you get with illusions sufficiently more when compared to wallpapers. There are plenty of colors to get creative with your illusions. Interior fashion and trends come and go; so in case of wallpaper, you have to choose a very neutral wallpaper, otherwise, you may feel that your walls will become out of vogue in a few years’ time. Comparing this, illusions come with a real huge spectrum of colours, shades and finishes-  the world is pretty much your oyster. You can create a range of interior design styles by painting if you have the right shade, from modern to traditional.

Though I’ve only debated about the better half of the illusions and some advantages are evident for wallpapers, I truly believe, for having a more artistic value to your house, illusions are surely a better choice. However, a little mishmash between the two will also create a stunning interior combination to your residences.

You can choose your unique design choice from Berger Illusions for creating a creative interior for your house.  


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