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6 Illusions for the Optimal Study Room

By Tunajina Islam

In these recent times of a drastically changing world, we need a quiet, undisturbed space in our home dedicated to work and study more than ever. A study room is perfect for a seamless online class session, exams or meetings, thus, we see it being incorporated into people’s homes more often now. But to pull off an optimal study room, you must consider wall colors or illusions that have a huge impact on how well the room serves you. So, let’s dive into some interesting wall illusion ideas that will boost up your study room and create an improved learning environment.


When immersing yourself into a book, you need to feel grounded first. Your days may be hectic, but your study room should make you feel calm so you can be in the best state of mind to learn. A simple and earthy mono-toned illusion can do just the trick. Berger’s Earthy Illusion comprises of calming colors in cool tones, with a subtle texture that adds dimension to the illusion instead of a flat base. The beige, off-white and light blue colors are my personal favorite for a study room as they radiate peacefulness and more light into the room.


Colors work like magic in altering behaviors and evoking emotions. Looking at the brighter side of the color spectrum like orange and red, these colors are embodiment of creativity and open mindedness. In a study setting, these can work well to provoke innovative thoughts and make one more eager to learn. Berger’s Godhuli is orange with a splash of red to create a good balance of energy. The beautiful silhouettes of nature may calm one’s mind when preparing to work or study.


Geometric patterns are a great thing to have on your study wall! They are orderly and create a sense of discipline in the room which is highly needed when putting your mind to focus. You can take Berger’s Nishat Illusion for example as a must-have wall pattern. This illusion is simple in nature yet eludes creativeness which is a balance you would benefit from in your study room. You can choose bright colors for this if you prefer a more energetic ambience, or cool colors for a soothing mind.


Because of its connection to nature, green has always been a top pick for many homes. You can’t find much serenity indoors, so you have to create modern ways to bring an element of nature within the home. A relaxed mind with much focus is all you need to get your study grind on. Berger’s Kashful Illusion does exactly that. With light to dark shades of green that creates an ombre, and a touch of white art, this design is not only serene but stylish too!

Stoneage Forest

Who says your study room can’t be fun too? Even though a study environment is best kept calm and minimal, some fun elements can be added too, especially for the young ones. Here we find Berger’s Stoneage Forest Illusion to be an exciting design that incorporates shades of blue. In a study room, this can serve as motivation to liven your mind and fill it with creative energy. Don’t underestimate the idea of fun and creativity in adding more value to your work/study hours.

Marine Life

Putting extra thought in a child’s study room is important if you want to create an efficient learning environment. A child’s mind is usually more awake and energetic, and thus, needs to be in a soothing environment in order to not get too distracted. At the same time, you must let their imagination flow. Berger’s Marine Life Illusion showcases that perfect balance. With a wondrous scene of the underwater world, and blue colors of the sea that puts any anxious mind to rest. A child would enjoy their study room more with such an illusion, motivating them to have a positive attitude towards their studies.

A room as simple as the study room also needs the extra attention to detail and design, just like the rest of the house. To make the best of your learning, a few color combinations, patters and designs can go a long way. A study room doesn’t have to be just a mundane concept anymore, it can be filled with perks and fun or be the safe haven for calm and peace. Whatever theme you think is best suited for you, a simple illusion can make it happen!


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