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5 Ways to Select Perfect Illusions for Your Dining Wall

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Decorating your dining room could be a great challenge as you must balance out the color of various dining decors with the color of your wall, while maintaining a fitting environment for feasting. Here, I will try to tackle your one headache: selecting the perfect illusion for your wall with the help of the gorgeous collections of Berger Illusion samples.

On a quick note, why choose Berger illusions over plain painting?

  • To create a unique design
  • To make your theme come to life
  • To show your creativity and
  • Finally, to make your dining furniture and other dining ornaments pop out a little bit more

Now let’s go straight to the 5 important tips that surely will help you select the perfect illusion.

1) Selecting a Color

While selecting a color, you must keep in mind that, what theme you are trying to achieve or what the whole theme idea of your house is, while maintaining consistency with the other rooms.

If you are going for a traditional white-golden theme, it is important to select a plain off white or golden color for the illusion. Here are some good examples:

For a black and white theme, a cleaner look is also preferable. Some good examples are:

If you are opting for a specific color-based theme surrounding the house, you should also maintain that to your dining room. But if you are choosing randomly, the best color options according to us are, brown, yellow and blue. Some good examples are:

2) Balancing the Illusion with Paint

You mustn’t put illusions on every wall. You have to balance it out with paint and the best color for balancing illusion is plain white color paint. The color of the ceiling is better to be white if you want to put illusions on the walls. You can also put an illusion on only one particular wall, which might create a greater weight on the whole room. However, for a black and white theme, it is not suitable.

3) Wainscoting and Crown Molding

While talking about balancing the illusions, these are two traditional ways of decorating a wall that will also help maintain balance. A little space in the partition of the ceiling and the wall also the floor and the wall can be a great balancing action for your illusion. Generally, the color white is used for wainscoting and crown molding that’s why the ceiling and the carpets cannot be white, otherwise it will blend in. 

4) Curtain, Ornaments and Tiles Complimenting the Illusion

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while choosing illusions is to make sure the curtains, the ornaments, and the tiles compliment the illusion you have chosen. For example, if your curtains are golden white, the colors black or blue would not be a good choice for the illusion. Same goes for the tiles. Moreover, reflective ornaments are the best for traditional golden-white colored illusions.

5) The Lighting

All the moves mentioned above will go to waste if your dining room is not well lit. Do not go for dim lights like a restaurant, it certainly will not do justice for the hard work you have done. You have to make sure the dining room is well lit throughout the day. Also, the illusions must be clearly visible to the eyes. Chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants lights, angled recessed lights etc. can be used. Don’t forget about the corners and also mix it up with different kinds of lights. Never compromise with the bulbs. Backlit paneling can be used for wainscoting and crown Molding.

Now you have got a head start for decorating your dining room. Get bold and creative with the help of the most trusted illusion paints.


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