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The Pinnacle of Modern Living

By Tunajina Islam

Modern living in the urban world of Dhaka city is ever-growing, and Ms. Ayesha Siddika and Mr. Tanim Hasan’s stunning studio apartment in Bashundara R/A is the pinnacle of modern homes. Known as the “Dawood’s Den”, a home residing of 4 loving souls and their friendly German Shepard and Pug is what we find out to be a picture-perfect family. Today we look further into the unique designs, spacing, and themes of this Fabulous House and learn a thing or two from the young homemakers themselves.

Modish living room

As we begin the house tour, we feast our eyes on the modish living room that is set with a tone of gray, white and a splash of murky blue. Unlike the traditional living room set ups, we see a very open and spacious room that almost blends into the rooms around it, mostly due to the absence of inner walls. Mr. Tanim mentions that the house was intentionally designed to be very open with minimal furniture in order to have free space for the kids to play and for a more spacious feel. The living room sits on a raised wooden deck with warm light that seeps from underneath it. This luxurious set up is met with white faux fur that embraces the velvet blue couch, and perfectly complements the velvet gray sofas. Velvet material is a common theme in this home as it gives off a sophisticated and royal suite look. We even notice the striking floor-touch velvet curtains that are decorated with a pearl holder along the windows. This adds greatly to the modern and classy appeal. The high-rise flooring uniquely contrasts the low-rise coffee table that sits blatantly in the middle of the room, with just a minimal white-on-white pairing.

The master suite

The master bedroom of Dawood’s Den is one of the most distinct rooms we’ve laid eyes on. This 600sqft room is the biggest room in the house and is fully carpeted in a checkered gray and white theme. The bedroom also attests to the openness of the home with large glass doors that keep the room integrated with the rest of the house. Stepping into the room, you might find yourself feeling like you’re in a 5-star hotel. The young couple set the ambience in just the right tone to create an innovative and contemporary style. The large bed sits in front of a white wall board with a unique golden light backdrop. This creative design perfectly fits perfectly in place of a headboard.

Less is more. Instead of cramming up the room with furniture and belongings, the Hasan duo opted for minimum clutter by leaving a wide open space in the middle of the room with a comfortable spa corner on one side. Used for relaxing and reviving the soul as they sit on the cushioned mattress and enjoy the balcony garden view. Instead of a typical balcony, the master bedroom incorporates a gorgeous garden in place of the balcony. With a wooden picketed fence surrounding vivacious flowers, the majesty of nature truly embraces one’s soul at a single glance.

Children’s humble abode

Entering the children’s room of Daniyal and Danish, you can feel the warm loving presence of a child as the whole room is decorated with cheerful frames of cartoon animals and bright colorful art. The positivity surrounding the room fully embraces you upon arrival. An innovative feature about this room that we noticed is the trendy bunk bed that includes a wide set of child-friendly stairs to get to the top. The stairs come with built-in drawers that are convenient for storing the children’s toys and the sort. The bunk bed is said to be especially for the children to learn about sharing and bonding with one another. You can tell the family value is immense in the Hasan household as they give great importance to creating a merged home that allows for more family bonding.

Open kitchen and dining

Another aspect that adds to the family bonding premise is the open kitchen. This wide-open kitchen has an attached dining table on which the family spends their mealtimes together. The stunning marble table is accompanied by 4 velvety white tall chairs. A fascinating attribute is the storage facilities that keep the kitchen’s essentials in an accessible yet hidden manner, with sliding racks and foldable shelves. The full-sized windows in the kitchen almost create a natural backdrop as the gorgeous scenery of the Bashundara streets are in view. Dinner with a view- who could ask for more?

Nature-inspired balconies

No home is quite complete without a touch of nature. The Dawood Den beautifully incorporates plants and garden features all-around their home. Apart from the pretty houseplants, they bring in the feel of nature within their balconies. Carpeted with false grass, we see 1 of the 3 balconies are composed into a peaceful art corner for the children. An art stand sits neatly by with paints and crayons as the beauty of nature from the balcony view brings about new creativity. A beanbag and a lap table are seen as well so one may enjoy the serenity of the open skies while indulging in their favorite story. Both living room balconies are spacious and nature-friendly, and the exact thing one needs for a short escape from the indoor setting.

Garden terrace retreat

The ultimate chill zone is none other than the rooftop of the Dawood Den. Designed for fun and sinking right into nature, we first observe a large table tennis area that includes a fancy little juice bar. As you move further, the rooftop is set in 3 parts. The 1st has the grass carpet and low lawn chairs with an interesting wooden coffee table. The second part, as we go further up, is a relaxing heated swimming pool area that is perfect for both summer and winter. The 3rd is even further up where we can see a lovely orchard that grows fresh fruit, and where the family usually enjoys a gorgeous sunset on the grass carpet. The terrace is the perfect bbq place where the family likes to enjoy gatherings with their family and friends. Not only do the people enjoy this natural terrace, but their German Shepard dog, Rambo, loves to roll about in this open area and enjoy the sun.

With modern living on the rise, this house in the perfect source of inspiration for your next house/room decor. Everything from the lighting to the color themes, are perfectly integrated with the contemporary theme. Lavish, spacious and nature-inspired living- a picture perfect family home indeed!


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