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The peaceful abode of memories & family heirlooms

By Shayor Islam Anan

A house perfectly represents who we are as people. However, complementing our personality, a house can sometimes hold the memories of loved ones who have passed away. Today, we’ll visit the beautiful and peaceful home of Syeda Mobasshera Sultana filled with treasures that evoke fond memories of loved ones.

The play of light colors

Syeda Mobasshera Sultana says that she has a fondness for light colors. All throughout the house, she has used different shades of cool and warm light colors that complement each other. Even though all the rooms have a different color that identifies themselves as unique, they are all in shades of light hues and warm lights. She has used Berger Robbialac to achieve her dream of the perfect light colors.

Transforming the old memories in to new beginnings

Syeda Mobasshera Sultana says that all throughout her house, everything can be seen as a nod to the past. She has used things that have been passed down for generations, she has piled up furniture which has a glorious past and the little memories of her life and the people of her life are present through every aspect of her house.

The souvenir corner

Even while maintaining a sense of nostalgia, there is a sense of freshness with the souvenir corner. Different souvenirs that were collected through travel and trips are displayed in a corner. This makes the house owner reminiscent of the past but also propels her to think of future trips and the memories she will create.

The many souvenirs serve as the greatest reminders of the amazing time spent with her loved ones.

The unique deer horns

Something that will catch your eye as soon as you enter the house are the deer horns. They are an item that has been passed down by generations and almost a family heirloom. The house owner’s forefathers used to be hunters and this is a piece from her family’s side in her own home.

Candles for the extra pop

The homeowner believes that candles are a must for the additional touch of decorations. This is especially applicable for the living room where the guests gather in times of family gatherings. She lights up the candles and creates the perfect ambience for her guests.

The candles are placed elegantly throughout the house.

The partition and its backstory

In this house, the formal living room is attached to the dining room and the separation of the two rooms is done through a beautifully intricate wooden partition. This was bought by all the members of the family as they all loved this item. Whenever she has parties or people come over, she opens the partition and the room instantly looks bigger.

The soothing living room

The living room was designed in such a way that the house feels more soothing in all moments. The colors used in this section are warm, the showpieces are subtle but hold a sense of purpose for their use. The furniture too are in a color that complement the lights and warm tones.

The lights just like every other corner of the house have warm tones that are soothing to the eyes and soul.

The tales of the round table & the colorful glass items

Just like other items in the house, the round table has a lot of memories. Syeda Mobasshera Sultana remembers sitting by the table with her parents, her cousins and family and talking about everything and nothing. She brought the table to her house after she got married. Even the showpieces scattered around the house are all things that her parents or her mother has passed down to her.

The colorful glass items are from her in-laws and she greatly treasures them. These are items that her in-laws would not have used or thrown away as they were singular pieces that did not fit anywhere. But she found a home for these amazingly antique and colorful glass items just like other showpieces.

Framing the moments that matter the most

All throughout the house, there are pictures littered everywhere. These serve as a sweet reminder of the amazing memories but also serves as a presence of her family. The pictures are framed in wooden frames and you can tell by a glance that they are well kept and preserved.

There are pictures of her daughter and her late husband that the homeowner treasures.

The green balcony

 A special corner adjacent to the living room is the balcony. Syeda Mobasshera Sultana says that she often sits in the balcony to oversee the roads and people that are visible from her balcony. She spends many of her afternoons or sometimes any time of the day here while enjoying a cup of tea. She mentions the special long chair. This is another object related to her family’s memories. She and her family spent her childhood in the family’s garden and this is a special nod to that memory.

There are also other elements of green in the house that add a little flair of soothing vibe.

She also feels happy that she could finally sit at home and tend to her plants on the balcony.

The special kitchen

The kitchen space can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some people don’t like cooking and hence don’t like the kitchen. This homeowner on the other hand loves her kitchen space. She loves cooking when her family or relatives visit.

A favourite part of the kitchen is the  coffee corner. Ms loves her caffeine and her family, friends, colleagues have always given her different types of tea and mugs.

Moments of peacefulness in the rocking chair

The master bedroom contains soothing colors that help her unwind and along with that is the rocking chair. It helps her to unwind while she reads a book and she finds it extremely peaceful.

 Also in the room is a desk which has served her great purpose. She uses it for her classes, work etc. Adjacent to her room is a balcony where Ms watches sunrise and sunsets.

The other bedroom for her daughter

The other bedroom belonging previously to her daughter is also special. It contains her medals, memories and it is neatly packed with the right amount of furniture and open space.

The room was designed and decorated according to the way her daughter wanted.

Diving into the corner of storytelling

The corner for books is always special to booklovers of the household. Syeda Mobasshera Sultana is no different. She says that different Bengali novelists have claimed their space rightfully in the book shelf.

Her family has bought many books and all of them thoroughly enjoyed the book corner. Looking at the book shelf, you can tell that the family enjoyed books of many genres and authors.

According to Syeda Mobasshera Sultana , a fabulous house is the house that perfectly blends the peacefulness of nostalgia and blessings. While we may not be with the people we love all our lives, their memories, their presence can be felt throughout a fabulous house.It also brings and uses the things of the past to create something new. Her fabulous house surrounds her with past memories and family while enjoying the blessings of the present!


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