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Relishing an Architect Couple’s Mid-Century Modern Home

By Tunajina Islam

A “house” is made of four walls and a door. But a “home” is made of warmth, love and sentiment in every corner. Mr. Rahmatul Aziz and Mrs. Saifa Rahman’s snug home amidst the airy surroundings of Bashundara R/A attest to that. Both being architects who have the same passion for interior and design, they are a match made in heaven. Starting with the architectural design, to the color palette, and all the in-betweens, the team of two accomplished exactly what they envisioned for their dream home. In today’s Fabulous House segment, we see through the lens of the lovely couple and what inspired them to compose their mid-century modern home with a flair of nature and innovation.

Keeping in touch with nature

The serene ambiance, as we entered the vicinity, was owed to the raw elements carefully planned into the theme of the house. The exposed brick walls were the first thing that caught our eyes, and the rawness of the cement tiles tied in perfectly to form a close-to-nature appeal. The rough edges of the interiors gave it a cozier and earthier feeling. “The more I go towards nature in my designs, the more down to earth I feel”, said Mr. Rahmatul Aziz. Another spot we observed is a hint of greenery in the balconies that are floored with fake grass, to bring a sense of countryside to an urban setting. We can tell that keeping in touch with mother nature is a major motif in the minds of the two designers.

Multi-purpose drawing room

Comprising of contemporary designs and wooden themes, the drawing room is a sight for sore eyes. A beautifully elevated wooden seating area lurks on one side of the room, beside the tall windows that showcase a garland of greenery. A warm glow emits from beneath to set the tone of the room. A room made just for relaxation and indulging your friends in nostalgic conversation, you might think. But it’s more than just that. This room also functions as an idea space and study corner for the architects themselves. Given the warm embrace of nature surrounding the room, the couple finds it to be the perfect spot to spark inspiration and creativity.

Never compromising on view

Some features of open views can be observed in the modern style of the kitchen, that is an open kitchen. The showstopper of the house was the striking open kitchen connected to the dining and living room, which boasts a sense of togetherness as the 3 rooms intertwine as one. This magnificent design incorporates large top-to-bottom windows that serve as a scenic backdrop for the kitchen. The daytime displays the gorgeous sun and trees, while the night time fosters a New York City light setting. Across all the rooms, we found that the couple never compromises on one thing – view!

Minimalism and soft glows

As the trend of modern times, minimalism is taking a rise. Mr. Rahmatul Aziz and Mrs. Saifa Rahman’s home is a prime example of minimalistic designs that create the best look. Playing with neutral color palettes, the couple opted for beige and white as a central theme. In all the rooms we noticed the use of warm glow lights that are used sparingly. The lighting in each room accentuates a piece of art or object that shows great significance. In pursuit of a minimal theme, the bedrooms spare more empty corners and contain less clutter. The master bedroom for instance showcases a minimal theme that highlights the beige walls while complemented with a soft LED glow from behind the headboard. The lack of displayed possessions only made the room look more spacious and free.

A whimsical and humble abode

Looking into the twins’, Shayan and Shehran’s room, we found that this room is a sanctuary for the children where they find happiness and solace in. Neatly organized shelves with their favorite toys and whimsical dangling lights make the room even more visually appealing. The long white study desk attests to the modernity of the home, creating a chic study corner for the children. With a mix of bright colors and softer neutral tones, this room is perfect for the growth of young minds that are nurtured in both creativity and calmness. An attached balcony is the perfect cherry on top to this room where you will find a cushy corner you could sit in for hours and delve into a new world of greenery and open skies.

A personal touch

Like any home, the lovely couple added their own personal touch along the walls, cabinets and shelves of their dream home. Being a family of 4, with their twin sons Shayan and Shehran, they embellished their walls with precious family moments captured in a frame. To add to the warmth of the home, we found houseplants across several corners of the home beautifully nurtured to life, just as the house itself has been. No home is complete without the beauty of personal attachments lingering in the halls.

As we walked through each corner of the home and learned the different aspects of inspiration for each unique theme and motif, we fell utterly in love with this mid-century modern home look. Building a house into a home can only be done by those who add their heart and soul to it. Mr. Rahmatul Aziz and Mrs. Saifa Rahman’s home proved to be nothing less than that.


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