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Recently Wed, Recently Made

By M. Rakinul Islam

It’s all the different rooms inside a home that builds up to paint a fabulous house and for this segment we are going to paint a monochromatic theme visiting the modern homes at Baridhara DOHS proudly etched by two beautiful people getting wed into modernity, today we cover the story of Rizvi Rahman and Navishta Faika

First Sight:

Walking through the modernized finger print enabled door, we get a good idea of what a smart house looks like and as the doors open to a genkan the first thought that comes into mind is, “Is the living chandelier prettier or the dining room’s?”

Primary Focus:

If you have grown up at an urban setting, the sight of greenery always gets your attention and recovering from the thought of the chandelier our eyes gaze, through the elegant marble dining table, upon a grass carpet balcony facing the broad roads of Dhaka city, furnished by two well placed chairs and a tea table in-between, bound to bring a smile.

Soul Center:

As we speak to the newly wed owners and creators of the house our eyes fall on the well-furnished and properly decorated living room, understanding that this was the room that inspired the whole apartment. The room is colored with a wonderful combination of white and grey, complimented with the luminous glow of spot-lights rather than bright LEDs to bask a glow unlike any we encounter in the traditional homes of the country. To add to the already wonderful aura the room includes a massive TV added with a crisp sound system that ensures the living room serves its purpose, but those are not all, monochromatic themed furniture cover every corner along with living plants to bring some color to the aura, but the show stopper in this room is of course the neatly place swing-chair for those moments of self-actualization.

Unconventional Kitchen:

As we move forward admiring the wonderful dining set, we can’t help but stare at the squeaky clean white marbled, easy to clean open-kitchen. We learn from the home makes that this idea was highly protested but nostalgic mind drove them to tear down the previous closed-door kitchen and renovate it to an American style kitchen with the ever so familiar kitchen counter. The counter serves as a table cum works space for the couple giving them the opportunity for a comfortable conversing position and also the secluded privacy at a wonderful combination.

The kitchen hosts attached burnished cupboards along with low hidden away lights to illuminate the place. We hear the idea behind the kitchen was to ensure the ease of cleaning and perfect placement of all the commodities required. You might ask, “A open kitchen is cool and all, but what happens to the smoke?”. Well our couple has thought of that question as well and with the help of technology, placed in all the right places, not only the smoke is taken care of but the air itself in the house is constantly being purified, yes, they have a few well-placed air purifiers throughout the house.

Set Piece:

The heart of the house contains the dining area which consist of a custom-made marble table complimented by a rather odd choice of chairs which are mostly shaped like couches and all following the same combined theme. The beauty of custom marble and modern furniture is accentuated by the placement of a modern chandelier right above the table, almost at the center. Surrounding the dining area, we can see some decorations and we hear plans of carpeting the venue which only increases the yarning to visualize the complete beauty. For this family the dining area also serves as the main hangout hub where all their friends accumulate before moving the heart of the party elsewhere, thus explaining the exquisiteness of the furniture.

Master Bedroom:

Moving through the Dining place to the left we notice a archway leading into the master bedroom and at first everyone is bound to be shocked at the minimalistic, yet well decorated structure wondering what is missing here? The couple opted for a zero-waste bedroom ensuring that there is no element of clutter there, keeping no place for clothes or storable items in that venue. The bedroom consists of white colored walls with a semi-light-colored king-size bed, maintaining symmetry with hanging table sides and lights, and of course facing the bed is a plus size TV. To complete the master bedroom, it comes with an attached bathroom of an immense size completely equipped with the necessities to fulfill the ID of any human being.

‘A Walk-In What!?’:

To us the most unique proposition about this specific house was the gorgeously aligned walk-in closet which is right across the hall from the bedroom. Walking in anyone is bound to take a 360, taking in all the view at once. The room appears as a scene out of the ‘Sex and the City’, as we bask in the reflection of ourselves in the mirror covering across the wall surrounded by clothes and accessories of all sorts and also a corner for touch ups. In contrary to the lavish description the coming of this room has a rather humble beginning as the couple tells us about a single wall, she had that got used as a make shift closet due to the limitation she had back abroad and how that moment she realized this is exactly how she wished to view her closet, open and full of possibilities of a new today.


An interesting detail throughout the house is the use of blinders in contrast to curtains giving the rooms a touch of sun light to decorate the monochrome better. It also highlights the other decorations in the particular rooms acting as a ray of spot light.


As we mentioned earlier the couple opted for a monochromatic theme choosing grey and white, but the question of cleanliness was always a major concern. To match with the easy to clean tiles in the open kitchen, the couple chose Berger Easy Clean to drape their house with, giving them the convenience of maintaining a house.

Its and Bits:

The house also comes equipped with a well-furnished guest room with its own bathroom and another adjacent bathroom nearby the room for other purposes. Going through the rooms we understand the body of the house but it is the decorations that make up the organs. To contrast the monochromatic theme the owners have placed spotlights throughout the apartment to give it a more luminous tone but what really makes the place homely is the presence of various sized plants (All alive and not plastic) throughout the household giving the essence of life to a home. The house is also equipped with a network of sound systems of the highest of quality singing a lullaby to all the guest, at every corner. Besides the spotlights we also notice various shapes and sizes of lights throughout the place and every corner of the house is decorated by a piece of meaning that resembles, relates or lives the moments and passions of the homemakers.

The touch of modernity was surely a new touch to an urban dwelling in Dhaka but the idea behind the modernity is inspired by the nostalgic time the couple spent abroad and the house itself is made a home through the idea of connecting together from their separate time there. The whole house is cladded with wood style marble tiles to bring out the best contrast, made with the realistic approach to ensure a well-kept home for the modern Dhakaiyas. To match Rizvi Rahman and Navishta Faika’s dedication in creating the couple also opted to maintain the house on their own, refusing the ever so popular service of a maid. To better understand their journey into making a fabulous home we asked them for some tips for new homemakers!

Tips and Tricks for New Home makers (By Navishta Faika):

When planning to renovate your home the importance of fixing a budget is very important. Everyone should have a clear idea about what they want and what they are okay with settling for. The need for street knowledge is also of importance, knowing what costs what and their metric can be of huge advantage.


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