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Pritilata, rebuilding the past for the new realm

By Shayor Islam Anan

Today, we go on a journey like no other that will tell us the tale of the beautiful home of Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahmanand. Their fabulous home has timeless pieces that leave a hint of nostalgia and memory in every corner. Every turn evokes a sense of nostalgia and peace with a touch of contemporary and classic aesthetics merged into a modern motif. Their duplex home has the perfect mix of hidden antiques and honors the past and present family members in the most beautiful way.

The terracotta memories

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman and his family rebuilt the 4-storey house that was previously built by his father. To honor and remember the old house, he has used terracotta to frame the memories. The terracotta portrays a picture of the previous building and what it looked like. It serves as a unique point in the entire house.

The other part of the terracotta memories is the wall writings left by his daughter and her cousins. Before the new house was rebuilt, they left messages to the old house and paid homage. Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman has taken those memories and framed them in terracotta.

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman says that he has kept the messages, the handwriting and everything else intact so that in 20 years when his daughters grow up, he can look back at these and reminisce. In this manner, the old and the new create a shrine of memories that is enjoyed by the entire family. There is also a big swing that can accommodate 3-4 people and create a sense of community with everyone.

The vegetable garden

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman credits his mother for all of the greeneries present throughout the home. The greeneries consist of vegetables and flowers and they beautifully adorn the house. Fruits, vegetables and everything else has a special part for everyone to enjoy.

The bedroom story

His favorite corner of the bedroom consists of a bright and abstract painting. The entire house is a melody of white and gray tones but the painting vastly contrasts the house with its bright reds and yellows.

The fun part of the painting is that it was hand painted by the father daughter duo. The story behind the painting is that Mr. works in construction and the painting contains the imagery of a home, dreams and everything in between.

The height of the house is longer than normal houses and he wanted this to make the rooms look bigger. The interesting part of the house is that all the pictures littered around the house were clicked by the house owner and framed. Each picture truly tells a story like no other.

The dreamy room’s anecdotes

He has crafted the room for his daughters in a soothing color tone. A colorful wall full of amazing pictures and inspiring quotes adorn the room. There are two beds for the two sisters and their father believes that by being in the same room, their family and sisterly bond increases and strengthens.

The most intriguing part of the room is the star lit ceiling. The house owner said that the inspiration struck once when he was stargazing and thought that this shade would be perfect to capture the starry ceiling. After taking a picture with his phone, Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman went to Berger Color Bank and was able to mimic the exact color of the sky to the painting color of the ceiling. When the lights are turned off, the entire room looks like a night sky full of dreamy stars and the daughters love this addition as well.

The living room stories

The family living room is where all the members gather in the evening for some quality family time. The living room is filled with muted colors and the different shades of brown couches add to the homely feel of the room.

The living room is placed beside the dining room so the entire space is spent with family members for different activities.

 The dining table is a striking muted blue with marble top that adds to the luxe allure. All the necessities are placed close to the dining table with beautiful intricate pieces hanging above the sink.

Ma’s Room

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman adores his family members and especially his mother. This was evident in the smallest and nicest of the gestures. He made sure that her room had white lights as she prefers them over warm lights. The table is also placed in such a way that it’s convenient for her to use to read at her leisure.

The hidden and endearing bit has to be the closet doors which hide the old and antique wardrobes. He made sure to treasure them and give them their own place by placing them behind the new design.

The old clock is a memory left and used by his father which is why it takes its rightful place in his mother’s room.

The stylish and efficient kitchen

The kitchen is a work of wonders as like the other parts of the house, it is efficient and also up to style. His wife has used the kitchen spaces very smartly by hiding sliding doors and cabinets in walls for racks. It holds the necessary things in place but does not take up space.

The stairway to heaven

The stairs that lead up to the upper side of the house have an endearing and luxe look. With the wishes of his elder daughter, he has designed the house in such a way that a reading space can be found on the walls.

The other stairs of the house have white tone marbles but these stairs have black toned marbles. To match the stairs perfectly, the rustic iron and the brown shade harmonize.

The wall of mugs & chandelier

Every house has that unique feature that sets them apart. For this house, it’s the wide range of mugs that adorn the wall beautifully and create what the family jokingly calls ‘Mug-er mullok’. All the mugs are saved as souvenirs from different people.

The contrasting formal living rooms

The formal living room has two contrasting sides with white and brown themes. One has the old house’s foundation and almost has a feel of his father’s touch. Many of the show-pieces are left by his father and grandfather.

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman thought that this wall had something missing which is when he incorporated Berger’s Silicone Water Repellent. He mentions that all of the wet looks of walls for his house has been done by Berger’s Silicone Water Repellent. The walls are not damp even when they remain outside and they get a glossy look. The inside walls get a wet look and he really likes it.

Upper floor for lovely guests

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman wanted to create the best experience for his guests so he kept a separate floor for their convenience. This way the muted colors of the room welcomed the guests while also respecting the privacy of his family members. The guests get their warm welcome in the beautiful stay with an attached living room and dining room.

We fell in love with this multi contemporary home look as we strolled around each area of the house and learnt about the various inspirations for each unique theme and motif. Only those who put their heart and soul into a house can turn it into a home.

Mr. A.J.M. Sajedur Rahman says that a fabulous house is where he feels comfort and peace. After a long day of work, a fabulous house has to be the perfect respite and the perfect place to do things you love. Their home was the perfectly beautiful testament to that.


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