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Living In A Vintage Marvel

By Raihan Mahmood

In this hectic city life, we all yearn to spend our weekends on a nice and comfy resort where we can just have a breath of fresh air. Apparently, you’ll find plenty of them as you enter the majestic house of Mr. Mizanur Rahman and Mrs. Abida Sultana at Mirpur. Their unique aesthetic concept and an amazing vintage vibe make this dream house the pinnacle of tranquility. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

As a professional interior designer, Mrs. Abida Sultana knows how to welcome guests with a touch of illusion. When you enter the house, a set of beautifully decorated mirrors from the ceiling to the walls will give you a magical sensation. The striking blue color with a complimentary wallpaper makes this entrance corridor an enchanting appearance.

Breath Of Fresh Air

After the entrance, you will see the wide living room decorated with some unique furniture. The first thing that you will notice is how well the natural sunlight uplifts the vintage tone of the living room.

On top of that, a rich choice of vintage-themed furniture adds an extra layer of personality to the living room. The whole presentation of the living room will leave you awestruck with a surreal experience.

A Balcony To Cherish

Sitting on a hanging chair and enjoying the sunset with a warm cup of tea in hand, this should be the definition of a perfect balcony, right? You will get to witness a version of Mrs. Abida Sultana’s perfect balcony where you could spend hours relaxing and admiring its aesthetic view.

The balcony provides a sufficient amount of sunlight and air to uplift your gloomy mood. This space is also well decorated with some beautiful plants and art pieces that will keep you company along the way.

Enter The Vintage Wonderland

Mrs. Abida Sultana’s home is a love letter to vintage artifacts. Her unique taste in vintage showpieces along with her creativity has given this house a divine appearance. Each of her unique artifacts has a different story to tell.

An Ancient Door

The owner of the house collected this door from an antique shop. The door gives the living room a completely different vibe. The vintage-style trunks and furniture complete this corner of the living room.

The White Door

This was also collected from an antique shop. This one’s colored door gives the balcony a sublime look.

Open The Window To See Yourself

This unique window-shaped mirror is one of the favorite showpieces of Mrs. Abida Sultana.

A Table Full Of Nostalgia

Mrs. Abida Sultana transformed her childhood reading table into a vintage-looking tea table that looks amazing.

A Vintage Bicycle

As an interior designer, Mrs. Abida Sultana has turned an old bicycle into one of the most attractive showpieces of her house. An old telephone along with some great showpieces just changes the dynamic of the room.

Memories Of In-Laws

This table was from Mrs. Abida Sultana’s father-in-law. To keep the memories intact, she made a perfect art piece out of the table. Some vintage-looking but functional treasure boxes compliment the vintage look of the whole room.

The Kitchen

From baking delicious cakes to cooking daily meals, we spend a good portion of our lives in the kitchen. That’s why Mrs. Abida Sultana designed her kitchen in a way that reflects her taste and style.

She turned a servant room into a lovely breakfast corner where they could spend quality family time. This small space also increases the aesthetics of the dining area.

The Dining Space

The dining space is nicely decorated with a subtle touch of culture. The antique dining table is adorned with a cool mat that represents our village craft, giving it a proper vintage look.

The tiffany blue shade from Berger Luxury Silk is the special factor that makes the dining space come to life. A gorgeous chandelier placed above the dining table adds an aesthetic appearance. 

A Reader’s Heaven

Reading space is a special requirement for a bookworm like Mr. Mizanur Rahman. That’s why a rich bookshelf filled with mind-opening books is attached right beside the dining space. A comfortable couch is also there to help you get indulged in your universe of books.

Functionality With Style

A passage beside the dining space is transformed into a laundry room. Besides functionality, an old cabinet with plants and artifacts is placed there to beautify the corridor.

The Guest Room

From the curtains to furniture, Mrs. Abida Sultana’s attention to detail is remarkable as she designed her guest room with her expertise. The curtains that she designed go hand in hand with the comfortable bed of the guest room.

The decoration pieces of the guest room also have a vintage profile that matches the theme of the whole house.  

A Wooden Luxury

A bedroom is one of the most integral parts of our homes. The memories that we create in our bedroom stay with us for the rest of our lives. That’s why Mrs. Abida Sultana poured all her expertise and creativity into making her master bedroom a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. She said, “I really adore the antique style, and that’s why I tried to incorporate a wooden persona into my bedroom.” You must say she did an excellent job of turning her ideas into reality.

This wood-themed bedroom is a pathway to your ultimate serenity. From the floor to the wardrobe, every aspect of this room has a wooden soul. Special credit goes to the amazing antique-designed master bed that changes the whole dynamic of the bedroom. This royal bed takes the spotlight as it gives the bedroom the luxurious look it deserves. Mrs. Abida Sultana has a hobby of collecting vintage artifacts and that is clearly reflected throughout her bedroom. Her collected art pieces are showcased on a wooden shelf that portrays her passion for the things she loves. A window attached to the balcony gives the bedroom a sufficient amount of daylight, making the bedroom look more divine and illustrious.

A Little Green Heaven

The bedroom window of  Mrs. Abida Sultana will allow you to enter into a blissful palace of nature. She made her small balcony attached to the bedroom into heaven for birds and plants. Every time you open the bedroom window, a plethora of unique plants and cute birds will welcome you with open arms. According to her, “there’s nothing like sitting beside the bedroom window and watching the rain while sipping a hot cup of coffee.”

Kid’s Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom should look like a place where the children can let their imagination run wild and that’s exactly what Mrs. Abida Sultana kept in mind while designing her kid’s room. This white-themed bedroom is a fantasy land for children who love toy cars. Designed by Mrs. Abida Sultana herself, the bedsheets and curtains full of toy car pictures will cheer any child. The shelves of this room are full of toys, fulfilling this small castle of fun & joy.

According to Mrs. Abida Sultana, her fabulous house is a blend of art, comfort, and creativity. Every part of this house is a perfect reflection of her personality and preference. Her love for vintage crafts combined with her ability to create extraordinary art pieces truly makes this house a symbol of vintage beauty.


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