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Enter The White Palace

By Tanjeel Sultan Khan Turja

Imagine this, a long tiring day at your workplace; you return home to your swimming pool welcoming you to take away all your stress. Spend a little time with your loved ones and be awestruck at the beauty of the night sky. Mr. Qamar Alam and Mrs. Sonali Haque’s “White Palace” is your dream house, to catch a break from the bustling city life just like that.

A playfield for daylight

A “modern-day Olympus” is the best-suited description for Mr. Qamar Alam and Mrs. Sonali Haque’s luxurious apartment at Gulshan-2. Standing on the 11th floor, the house takes pride in owning the most stunning view of the sky. The royal-white themed, marble-tiled house is home to countless flowers and green plants along with the family. Sometimes visitors fly by; chirping and praising its beauty. However, birds are not the only guests during the daytime. It also welcomes daylight to come in and steal away all shadows.

The tall glass windows add a modern touch alongside bringing adequate windflow and sunlight. As the automated curtains split, it delights you with a poetic sunrise that makes you want to have breakfast in bed. 

Party at the Living Room

The grand piano in the living room is the star of the show as you enter the house. Sway to the medley of tunes from any part of the house, as there are no inner walls to partition the living room, the kitchen and the dining. The black piano in the living room stands out in this predominantly light-toned apartment and quickly becomes the center of attention.

However, it does not steal the show away from the other antique-looking furnitures and art pieces. The living room is not afraid of variations and welcomes everyone to the party, as each sets of the antique furniture are different from the rest.

The living room also offers a false-fireplace to extend the grandeur of the house. The white walls with a pint of gold go hand in hand with the long draping curtains, making the living room an ideal place for your guests to feel at home in.

The friends at the Orchid Balcony

The White Palace offers remarkable greenery to rest your eyes on even in the midst of the urban jungle. You’re never alone as you sit by yourself in the orchid balcony. You are always accompanied by the likes of bougainvillea, Devil’s Ivy and mostly- orchid plants. This little space of green is the first thing any plant lover would set eyes on. Feel refreshed, as you sip on a cup of tea, sitting on the garden chair; breathing in all the fresh air the balcony has to offer.

The Other Balconies

The orchid balcony is not the only place with company. The other two balconies and the swimming pool terrace also offers greenery to sooth your eyes to. Seek tranquility, and get lost in a world of vertical gardens, pot plants and water lilies. All these make the outdoors a perfect place for escaping the monotony of city life. Read a book, or perhaps offer prayers being accompanied by the beautiful sunset.

One of the balconies even has a carpet of natural grass for your feet to feel, for you to see sparkling dew drops on, for reminding how nothing can replace the feeling of grass under your feet.

A treat for the bookworms

This fabulous house has a delight for everyone. The palace even offers a small part for the ones who cannot pass a day without the smell of books. This little universe is conveniently placed near the living room so you do not miss out on the party while getting lost in your own world.

The shelf is filled with mind-opening books for people of all ages to enjoy. The White Palace makes sure you only fail to be bored during your tough times- working from home.

Sunset at the Guest Room

The Guest Room takes pride in having the best view of the sunset. This simple yet elegant room has a beautiful oil painting on one of the walls and larger-than-life mirrors for you to reflect on. With the best view of the sunset, it takes the crown for being one of the most welcoming guest rooms to ever exist.

Bedrooms with personalities

As much as the royal residence treats its guests like kings and queens, it does not fall short of doing the same for the lovely people that reside here. Each bedroom has personalities of its own. Blue-silver being Mr. Qamar and Mrs. Sonali’s son’s choice, the bedroom is draped with drop curtains- made elegant with golden patterns. The golden bedside drawer adds elegance to the royal lavender-themed bed.

The love for flowers is evident as we see one of the bedrooms being lavender-themed, while another: pink rose.

The strikingly different themed bedrooms resonate with the royalty of The White Palace, making it the fabulous home that it is.

The Dining Experience

Food does not make a meal grand, it is the experience that a dining space has to offer. The dining of the White Palace does not fall short in royalty compared to the rest of the house.

The luxurious dining is a perfect setting for the family to have a good time together. Dine like a king as you sit on the throne-like chairs.

The house being a perfect blend between antique and modern designs, is equipped with a perfect modern, tech savvy kitchen. The sleek kitchen sits openly right next to the dining for sizzling foods to be served hot right out of the kitchen.

Night at the house

As the sun goes down on the horizon, the night comes to life at the house. Gasp in awe as the house enchants you with its nightlife. It is as if the White Palace, like the city, is never asleep; yet graceful in its own ways. Every inch of the house has a story to tell. The pillars with a touch of golden floral design add more depth to the countless little details you can not miss out on. As much as the house admires art, it itself is a canvas, where the people who make it lively are the art.

Whether it is the sunsets or the starry nights, or blissful rainy days, the white palace is the dream fabulous house anyone would desire to live in.


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