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A Touch of Contemporary and Tradition

by M. Rakinul Islam

For this segment of Fabulous House, we are going to look at the creation of Mrs Umbarin Karim, as we set foot through the inspiration riddled corridors of the small family of 3, learning the beautiful concept of putting a unique feature to each room in the making of a fabulous house.Walking through the modest yet decorative door we are invited to a partition-less dining and living area where the pleasant soothing color of the living room will immediately leave you riddled.

First Sight

The first most eye-catching feature of the house has to be the brown shaded living area, luxuriously furnished by a set of wooden and a traditional sofa sets. Just at eye level, a gorgeously placed mosaic glass panel lays to daze the eyes for a festive of color and artistic creativity. A smile is bound to spread at the decoration of the living room, portrayed with family photographs that send a homely vibe throughout the dwelling.

Pictures, Flowers and Lights

As we walk through the long dining hall followed by a corridor and a joint idea space, so many pictures added to the walls of various other subjects make it a soothing experience at the table for sure, but what accentuates the table itself is the gorgeous placement of fresh flowers on the long well decorated table to bring life to the fabulous house.

There at the dining area we also come across a fish tank with beautiful colored fish swimming around. We learn that the Mrs. Umbarin’s is not a big fan of pets and only allowed fish, which not only worked as a loop to bring in pets but also added to the decoration to the already lively dining area.

Of course, light is of an important element in the dining area and the room is sensually decorated with over hanging lantern like lights that put a traditional glow to the whole setting.

Idea Space

Do you know that feeling where you just feel like sitting down and staring out the window? Well, the family dwelling in this house feels the same! To create what we are going to call an ‘idea space’ the owners of the house put on an elevated platform adjacent to the dinner table with marvelous wooden pattern, fixated with a couch and some props and lights to create a space ideal to let the thoughts run wild while staring out the window, basking in the thoughts of whatever one might please to think about.

To keep a cap on the expenses, the place was made using a solid plastic like material with wooden patterns that make it almost indistinguishable while make it easy on the pockets.

Transforming Kitchen

Riddled with rare sights in this household, an amazing sight we witnessed was a transforming kitchen with the ability to be both, open and closed! The flooring uses wood to bring out the best colors while an inspiring quote hands on the kitchen wall reminding whoever sees it about the importance of happiness.

The kitchen has always been a dreadful sight, a place where your loved ones work tirelessly to cook up delicious meals but it was unknown to me that a kitchen could be turned into a sight for sore eyes. The place is decorated with lively plants, as is a lot of other parts of the house that put a life like aura around the place making it a truly environmental and easy to breathe place to be, with a centrally place trolley table that can act as a perfect placement for decorating the delicious meals cooked by the host.

The kitchen is connected to the dining area with a wall that doubles as a kitchen counter and comes with an open space with windows to work as shutters, creating the wonderful idea of an open-kitchen that can be closed when the cooking gets smoky. The result of this creation comes from Mrs. Umbarin’s life long wish to have an open kitchen and it is able to transform keeping in mind the smoky mess our cultural cooking style might create.

The Sleeping Quarters

Originally the apartment came with 3 bedrooms but currently only two are in use; master bed and guest room. While the guest room is fairly simple with a few things here and there, the master bedroom is gorgeously decorated and furnished with a smartly placed closet to the right on entrance, having and extended inside wing to hold a dressing table and closet together. The room takes a shade of dark brown with contemporary and traditional decorative; it also comes along with a balcony filled with plants, that we hear can get a bit difficult to maintain but we hear is surely worth it.

The room has its own TV and the head of the bed is nicely decorated differently than the whole room using wallpapers. But the warmest thing to notice in the master bedroom is of course the abundance of family photo that again sends a warm signal down the spine.


While previously one of the 3 bedrooms and to the child’s bedroom in the future, the playroom currently holds the dream of every kid! Apple green walls surround the vicinity while portraits and stickers of our favorite superhero fills the room, the sight of toys of various kind fill the room and it also comes equipped with its own balcony!

A playroom is immensely important while fostering a kid and it plays as the most vital room in the growth of a child, the importance of such a room is not only evident for a kid but it also reduces the chores for parents as it stops the spread of dropping toys all over the house and fixates it to a specific room.

Entertainment Room

This is where all the fun goes down! This room is rather small in size compared to the other rooms but it serves its purpose rather fine. The room is equipped with a large TV connected to a gaming console, but what really makes it feel like an entertainment room are the posters containing details of classic movies and their history (Such as Casablanca), involving details such as the actors and year of publication.

The room is furnished with a mix of sofas and a deewan to make it comfortable for a movie night and is also decorated with family photos and motivational quotes to cheer up any sorrowful mind.

While we bask in the idea of fusing contemporary and traditional, this house acts on the thoughts and ideas of the fundamentals, inspired by mother and daughter. The gorgeous dwelling is riddled with motivational quotes aimed at keeping the soul jittery throughout the day and family photos that remind oneself about the reason of happiness in one’s life. In this house every room has a unique story and the foundation is not built on a flow but rather on the individual characteristics of each room.

While in this quest for a fabulous house we have also come across a fabulous human.

To know what makes her fabulous, please visit: www.facebook/ambi.gift.basket


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