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A Slice of Seashore, in the Most Crowded City

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

In our jam packed scheduled life, we often want to breathe the breeze of the ocean to calm our mind and feel peaceful. Sadly, it is tough to maintain a balance between our work life and personal life. Going out on a holiday in a beach, therefore, is not the easiest thing to do. But what if I tell you that you can bring the seashore in your own house? With the seamless combination of illusion and interior designing, businessman Md. Shahidullah and his spouse Dilbarun Nessa have brought the feeling of ‘being on a sea beach’ in their residence. Let’s try to reveal how exactly they have managed to do that in their fabulous house.

The Theme of the House

The 4200 square feet house is situated in Uttara, Dhaka and it is surrounded by many trees. Luckily, there are less edifices surrounding that building and their flat being on the 3rd floor, composed an open and green view from their balcony just like an ocean view room.  

The Entrance

The entrance of the house will give you a sensation of arriving on a beach by a ship at the time of a yellowish sunrise. A painting of ‘ships arrival’ and dim yellow lights are the reasons for that. Two beautiful stand showpieces carrying small tubs and storm-lanterns and two wooden seats are delightfully placed in the entrance area.

The Living Room

A big living room is spotted after entering through the entrance door. Two flats were blended into one just to make the living room extensive and open. The openness is the main reason of moving from the previous house. The whole interior is decorated focusing on the living room. The dining also melds with the living room with two dining tables- one in the middle, another front of the open kitchen where breakfasts are usually taken there.

The drawing room is comparatively miniature yet gorgeous. The dining, the drawing and the living rooms are in a straight line and the open kitchen is just beside a corner of the line. Most of the time of the residents are passed in the living room. The core attractions of the living room and the drawing room are the illusions of the walls, the paintings and the open kitchen.

Illusion of the Living Room Wall

To form the beach theme of the house, they’ve used yellow tinted illusion on a wall of both drawing and living room. The tiles are white, so when the lights fall into the wall, they create a sand-like illusion throughout the house with the reflection of the tiles.

Illusion of the Drawing Room Ceiling

The ceiling wall is also painted with Berger Illusion. Light color of Berger Illusion is used so when all the artificial lights are completely turned off, a cloudy seaside melody appears throughout the living room.

Observing illusions of this kind, we can certainly say, ‘Sky above, Sand Below, Splendor Within.’

The Sand Painting

Even though there are some random beautiful paintings cover the whole interior, one will definitely seize your attention. The painting indicates a bird’s-eye view of a sea beach with sands, a big footstep, ocean stream, rocks and seashells. Undoubtedly, matches with the theme of this abode.  

The Open Kitchen

The fondness of having an open kitchen can be found in many of us. But Mrs. Dilbarun Nessa has turned that fondness into reality intensifying the whole ocean beach themed interior of the house. She has placed a small table just in front of it.

Mrs. Dilbarun Nessa’s Bedroom

Now, a question to the readers- are you feeling the complete seashore holiday vibe yet?  Or is something missing? Yes, you are right. After spending the day in the sea beach, we generally go to an elegant hotel room for sleeping. You are not missing that out here. The bedrooms of the house are as elegant as any reputed hotels if not more. Two king-sized bedrooms with an extension are attractively adorned. The room where Mrs. Dilbarun Nessa sleeps has a Mughal religious touch to it.

The extension is split from the bedroom by a splendid partition door made of wood. Where the annex of her room is used as a boudoir (also as a praying room) and her son’s bedroom extension is used as her grandson’s bedroom so that they can look after him closely.

The Wooden Partition

The Kid’s Room

The kid’s room is decorated with superhero themed interior, a pleasant sight for Marvel or DC comics lovers.

The Reddish-Brown Themed Bedroom

Her son’s bedroom has a reddish-brown hint to it. The bedrooms are detached from the living rooms so that it can be a little bit calmer and more private, perfect for a sleeping environment.   

View of a Veranda

The Other Rooms: Beside the two corners of the living room, you can locate a reading room and a guest room with attached verandas. The reading room’s interior decoration is like a mini library full of books, a comfortable reading table and the veranda. The veranda enhances the setting for a cozy reading environment.   

The Lighting of the House

LIGHTING’S OF THE HOUSE: Various sorts of light schemes are used in the house. The whole interior has been ignited with LED recessed lighting. The open kitchen has Under-Cabinet Lighting. We can also grasp the soft illumination of wall scones, ceiling lights and lovely chandeliers in the living room and drawing room. The bedrooms have been stunningly lightened up by table lamps. Undeniably, the lighting of the house enriches the interior embellishment and complements the coast theme.

The sun has set for our wonderful tour in this little seashore. Every so often we need to take out some time to appreciate what simple minds like Mrs. Dilbarun Nessa’s can create. Also, we can acquire many know-hows and apply them to our own lives like using illusions to create the picture-perfect theme for our abodes. Let’s conclude our house trip with a quotation,

‘Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home’.   
– Sylvia Earle


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