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A place where Bengali Renaissance resides

By Humaira Rahman Mou

Some trends in home décor will never go out of fashion. For example, consider a traditional Bengali Renaissance-style home. We take a journey to the Bengali Renaissance-inspired picturesque house furnished and built by a beautiful couple, Mrs. Ishrat Parveen and Mr. Anwar Faruque, for this episode of Fabulous House. With the goal of creating a house, this 2100 sqft dwelling has been meticulously created to accommodate a family of five, complete with a unique touch of an artistic mark.

A euphoric touch of Bengal

This unique piece can’t go unnoticed as you enter Mrs. Ishrat Parveen and Mr. Anwar Faruque’s royal creation of Bengali culture and art. Mrs. Parveen, an aspiring artist, and their three multipotentialite children have painted this masterpiece. The resemblance with the Bengali Renaissance arts is mesmerising. As a Bengali, this monarchal house is bound to make you feel nothing but pure elation. “This corner has become a perfect place to take photos,” said Mrs. Parveen.

This magnificent cabinet has received more than just one look in its entire life. In retrospect, it serves us with an ideal spot to take the best snaps. Looking at it can make anyone liberate their thoughts and dreams to pour into the place they live in. The cabinet feels like a portal that will lead you to a creative world of imagination.

Witness the beauty of sophistication

Incorporating colors to create the perfect palette requires a keen imagination. Mrs. Parveen chose a combination of white and off-white from the Berger Luxurious Series for their walls, resulting in a majestic off-toned white. This jubilant hue will surely transport you to your little nirvana. Without a doubt, the sophistication of white paired with neutral colored furniture works brilliantly. The peaceful ambiance certainly adds to the satisfaction of coming home after a long day. 

A rainy day will be the quintessential time to curl up in this cozy swing with a cup of milk tea and any Humayun Ahmed’s book. The soothing melody of the rain, along with the warmth of your tea, will entice you once again to go through our favorite Bristhi O Meghomala.

The collision of a million stories

Mr. Faruque and Mrs. Parveen have created an impressive setting where they can arrange a book fair at any time. Their gigantic collection of books is nothing but a paradise for all the bookworms out there. Moreover, Anis Bhaiya will feel less hijibiji and more intrigued!

If you’re wondering where you’ll be facing towards sitting on this royal chair, well, let me tell you, this spot can even make anyone envious. Apart from reading books, one can binge on series and documentaries anytime without exceedingly moving. If you’re not feeling like yourself and want to indulge in a solitary state of mind, then you need to create a space like this one too!

A human-made Eden

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at greeneries and feeling the gentle breeze? Especially in Bangladesh, you get to experience a variety of seasons. Different seasons untie different emotions, and each goes well with this distinctive place, as it has all the components related to nature. The loveliness of each can take you to different galaxies of pastoral Bangla. 

The lights can be reminiscent of the fireflies you might have caught as a kid. The whole environment is a memory lane for every kid who grew up in the countryside. This little piece of the homely garden has a way of alluding to Eden with its charm. It’s a go-to place when you need to relax and take a refreshment from the monotonous daily routine. 

Let’s make an indoor Alfresco Party a thing

Architecturally unique, these open serving areas are getting more attention because of their stylish look and convenient nature. It gives you an easy and smooth serving for a massive feast. It’s decorative nature is a perfect fit for Alfresco parties. But since this is an apartment, we can arrange indoor Alfresco parties!

The Kitchen is designed to make the cooking experience more suitable. Mrs. Parveen and Mr. Faruque’s kitchen with an open area makes the overall appearance bougie and makes the eating and dining experience more accessible and classier. The grey tone with all the neutrals blend seamlessly. Mrs. Parveen handpicked every tiny detail for her kitchen, just like most of the rooms in the house. 

An earthy drawing room

The drawing room is a bliss to witness, with contemporary furniture and timber embellishments. The sage green sofas are sufficient to calm the raging hearts from day-long work. The painting located right above the couches, “Joy Porajoy,” is done by Mrs. Parveen. “I mostly enjoy introducing myself as an artist more than a lawyer,” she said.  “This painting represents our rich history and traditions that go competently with the theme,” she added. 

The sweet suite

The green walls with neutral soft curtains and bedsheets are epitomes of peacefulness. Bengal is rich with heavenly greenish scenarios, which have been reflected around the house. Their love for Bengal culture becomes more prominent with each corner. The multi-colored cushion you see in the middle is an artistic approach taken by Mrs. Parveen. And there’s a chair to match with the cushion.

The lamp gives away an aura of twilight even at night. The complete composition of this terrestrial look can make anyone extremely delighted. 

A story of an extraordinary

Mrs. Parveen and Mr. Faruque’s son envisioned this vintage yet trendy wooden design. They managed to get these parts of wood from their hometown to implement their son’s idea. “At first, the carpenter was reluctant to execute this idea. He tried to arrange them in order, but we explained multiple times, and finally, after two days, he built this asymmetrical gem,” said Mr. Faruque. 

Mrs. Parveen and Mr. Faruque’s house is a piece of Bengali art itself. This house is an absolute dream for some people. The beauty of Bengal is well-captured through the colours, paintings, and other elements. Their proud Bengali lifestyle goes hand in hand with their sophisticated taste in designing the house. It’s a divine affinity that allows the members to take a break from their clerical lives. 


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