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A Perfect Blend Of Art, Culture & Comfort

By Raihan Mahmood

Have you ever wondered what your dream home would look like? It might have a beautifully decorated living room, a soothing balcony, or a cozy bedroom, right? Well, Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim might have made your dream home a reality as they have poured all of their personalities, tastes, and imaginations into making their sweet home at Gulshan-2. The result? A house with a perfect combination of elegance and comfort that tells a beautiful story of love and art. 

The Grand Entrance

When you enter into the marvelous home of Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim, you will get blown away by the stunning fragrance of Scented Candles. That will set the tone perfectly for the grand view of the living room. The lighting contrast, the teal-blush pink color combination, and the aesthetics will definitely elevate your experience. One thing you’ll notice about the living room is that it has an open and wide persona. Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim says, “We love having people around. So, the openness of the living room makes the dinner parties more fun and lively”.  

Closer To Nature

Outside this bustling city life, we all want a place where we can have a breath of fresh air while sipping our morning coffee. Well, this small but perfectly oriented balcony might be just the thing you need to have a refreshing start to the day.  

A Royal Dine 

The dining room makes you feel like you are in a royal palace. The exquisite leather boards on the wall accurately complement the off-white color theme. The blue-colored sideboards add a royal feeling to the environment. On top of that, a dazzling chandelier gives the color contrast a new dimension and adds an extra layer of decor.

Story Through The Lens Of Art 

Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim’s home is a paradise for art lovers. Their love for unique paintings and art pieces is portrayed in every corner of the house. These paintings give the house a sublime look and feel. If you look closely, you will see every painting telling its own story. 

Family Heritage Turned Into An Art Piece

This precious steering wheel of a ship has been passed down to Mr. Azfar Hassan as a family legacy. But Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim made an amazing idea to transform this antique into something that people will admire. That is how this fantastic-looking art piece originated. 

A Chandelier That Matches Your Personality

This unique trumpet-shaped chandelier will make you awestruck the moment you enter the living room. It’s mesmerizing design and vibrant lights give the living room that artistic pattern. But the fascinating fact is, this stunning chandelier perfectly reflects the personalities of Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim. Mr. Azfar Hassan says, “We are both music lovers. So, the trumpet represents our love for music and the glowing golden lights symbolize our playfulness and extravagance. That is why the moment we laid eyes on it, we wanted to make it an integral part of our living room.”

The Painting That Makes A Mark

This spellbinding art-piece compliments the room in such a nice way that, it makes you feel like this painting is just made for this room only. The best part? it actually is! Mr. Azfar Hassan’s sister in law gifted this painting to their housewarming party. The color grading and designs of this painting are done only for this specific room. 

A Gift From Parents

This astonishing painting in the dining room will surely steal your attention. This famous painting was a gift from the parents of Mr. Azfar Hassan. The flourishing colors of this painting will lighten your mood up and make you admire this masterpiece. 

Majestic And Mysterious

This extraordinary painting will fill your mind with puzzles. The speciality of this painting is, everyone who looks at this painting will a have a different interpretation. It tells a different story to each individual. But one thing is for sure, you’ll spend quite a time looking at it, admiring its majestic appeal. 

The Entertainment Room

After a long day of work, this entertainment room will be your refreshment booster. The super cozy furniture and well-designed ambient lighting will help you relax and get recharged. The wide-angle TV attached to the wall heightens the movie-watching experience. Movie nights or gossiping with friends, this will be your go-to place to have a good time.

A Cup Of Coffee To Cheer You Up

While watching movies or chatting, a cup of coffee would be great, right? That is why this coffee corner is located just beside the entertainment room. Mr. Azfar Hassan is a coffee lover. So, he uses this space for a quick coffee time or some late-night snacks.

When Aesthetics Meets Functionality

Your home needs functionality as well as beauty, but what if you can keep both? This sunlight-filled balcony was beautifully turned into a laundry room without compromising any aesthetic aspect. 

The Bedroom

From pillow talk to a good night’s sleep, the bedroom is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while designing a dream house. Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim utilized the best version of their imagination to come up with a picture-perfect bedroom where comfort and luxury blend in a subtle manner. This purple and blue themed bedroom is one of a kind because of its design and functionality. The large headboard will give you a splendid view of the overall room. Mrs. Sumaya Ibrahim did a clever job by turning the wardrobe doors into mirrors to make the bedroom look bigger and more spacious. You will see perfectly colored contrasted curtains in the bedroom, but the magic happens when you open the curtains in the daytime. Because, the windows let plenty of sunshine spread into the whole room, making the bedroom look more divine and illustrious. 

The Guest Room

As Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya love having people around, a guest room has to be an important part of the house for them. A simplistic approach with a subtle touch of art makes it a comfortable place to stay anytime. The focus to make it a cozy room is visible with ambient lighting and a super comfortable bed.  

The gorgious home of Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya is a manifestation of who they are. Their sophisticated taste, love for art, people loving mentality goes hand in hand with comfortable furniture and great color themes. The divine appeal of Mr. Azfar Hassan and Mrs. Sumaya’s dream home truly makes it a fabulous house. 


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