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A House Made of Royal Dreams

By Tunajina Islam

From playing with dollhouses and daydreaming of a royal red home to furnishing a gorgeous 3500 sq ft. apartment with themes and antiquities exactly to her liking, Mrs. Shaima Haque fulfilled her childhood dream in the midst of a beautiful tranquil neighborhood, in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. She and her family of 3 reside in this home that she decorated front to back. Being an English Medium school teacher and having a passion for homemaking, we talk to the wonder woman herself and learn about her inspiring journey of establishing her dream home.

Love for Botanical Spaces

Waking up to colorful flowers and vibrant greenery is the natural kick we all need to get us going in the morning. Mrs. Shaima takes advantage of just that by adorning her balconies to resemble a warm botanical garden which she wakes up to every day. The long balconies contain vintage chairs that serve as the perfect sitting place for a delicious cup of tea with a city view. Whether it’s alongside their colorful birds, or on the plastic grass-padded floors, the family members find nature’s serenity in each balcony.

When a balcony is just not enough to satisfy your need for a tranquil garden space, you might find that a spacious rooftop terrace is just what you need. Mrs. Shaima’s stunning terrace is a prime example of this. As you enter the wind-swept space, you notice a sitting swing, sofas, and a coffee table, where guests can gather and chat the evening away. On your far right lies a floral arch framing the stairs that lead to a poolside, where the family spends their summers making memories. Apart from the well-spent family time on the terrace, this place is also an arts and crafts hub for Mrs. Shaima. The sun-room serves as her art corner where she indulges herself in painting, drawing, and bringing out her inner creative side.

Living like Royalty

Mrs. Shaima’s love for the Victorian era especially shows through her tastefully decorated living room. The large majestic sofa set and long draping curtains were picked with a Victorian theme in mind, leading to a somber dark brown concept. Contrasting the dark brown, the room is well-lit with a symphonic warm glow using golden lights all around the room. With minimal interior lighting, Mrs. Shaima instead opted for retro-style lamps that encompassed the whole room and gave it a much-liked traditional look. Inspecting further into the room, we see that the vintage furniture comes into perfect harmony with the Mughal art that is presented along the living room walls, integrating the two royal themes of Mughal and Victorian. Adding to this, she carefully selected antique showpieces that almost tell a story of the Royal Bengal days in every corner of her home. The classic gramophone, the vintage candle holders, crystal ornaments and golden pieces all embrace the Royal Bengal idea. Nothing was left out of the theme.

Extravagant Dining

Dining together is essential to this family of four, and Mrs. Shaima goes the extra mile for her loved ones by making the dining space an extravagant sight for sore eyes. The first thing to catch your attention as you set foot towards the dining space is the grand chandelier hanging perfectly centered above the table. The table and chairs align with the living room Victorian theme. For a royal touch, the table is fixed up with a subtle rainbow-colored dining set, along with tall champagne glasses, regal candles, and a floral centerpiece. Everything from placemats, to napkin holders, are incorporated by theme, so as to give the complete feel of Victorian royalty. An interesting revelation was that Mrs. Shaima utilized her talent for crafts to make the napkin holders all by herself. From simple materials like cookie cutters and brooches, she created gorgeous pieces that she now proudly made a staple in her dining space set up.

Vintage Inspired Master Bedroom

Taking inspiration from her grandmother’s bed style, Mrs. Shaima opted for an antique-looking bed for the master bedroom, with a striking headboard that accents the whole room. This spacious and luxurious room encompasses a wide floor space where you’ll find a carpet, pillows and a harmonium organized together. This is almost a personal sanctuary for Mrs. Shaima where she hones one of her many talents- singing and playing the harmonium. The gracious sound of her singing is met with beautiful sunshine and sky, as she sings by the tall glass windows of the balcony.

Many visual interests are found looming around the room in different corners and tables. You find flower sets, archaic showpieces, and meticulously placed jewelry that pose as decorations too. Moreover, her artsy side is seen in her room too, where she placed her own hand-sketched art of her and her loving husband upon a light-pink wall.

The Minimalist Side

Contrasting the master bedroom, we find that the two sons of the family both prefer a minimalist approach to interior decorations. Their rooms both display a more contemporary appeal and have their own individualistic touch to them. In one room, there is a corner dedicated to gaming where the younger son immerses himself in a virtual world.

Another minimal aspect of the house would be the wide wooden themed kitchen. Surrounded by wooden cabinets and a glistening black countertop, the subtle design is contrasted by a checkered beige wall that is detailed in mandala prints.

A Touch of Artistic DIY

A mother of two, a school teacher, a homemaker and a self-taught artist, Mrs. Shaima really is an all-rounder. Her contribution to her elaborate Royal Bengal themed home is nothing less than impressive! A lot of the beautiful art that we see accentuating each wall in the house is made by Mrs. Shaima herself. Even in the corridors of her terrace, we find her hand-sketched art gorgeously on display. One of my personal favorites is her mandala black and white art that adds culture and interest to the room. Each piece of her art holds great sentimental value and in turn, adds warmth and love to the household. Her creative side is reflected in her taste in interior furnishing, her ornamental setups, her simple choice in details and overall homemaking skills.

As you observe the display cabinets by the dining space and living room, you can take notice of interesting dolls and fairies. Mrs. Shaima has a passion for collecting dolls and fairy-like showpieces that bring her childhood fantasies to life. Whether it’s from a home décor store nearby, or from her many travels around the world, these fairies and dolls are priceless collectibles to her.

The most heart-warming part of our visit was Mrs. Shaima’s expression of her love for her home. She went on to tell us that she wakes up each morning in complete awe of her dream come true. This feeling is what we all should strive for when modeling a house. A house that you can proudly say is exactly what you envisioned since you were just a child. Mrs. Shaima’s story and home is an inspiration to us all.


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