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A House Embellished with Reminiscences

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

Most often, a house reflects what we are as human beings. But sometimes in addition to our own identity, a house can embrace the memories of our close family members who aren’t there anymore. Today we are going to experience a fabulous house with ancient antiques that bring the memories of loved ones.

Nusrat Zaman, a lovely homemaker and the wife of late Mr Khondoker Iftekhar Ahmed Taher has revealed to us how we can incorporate vintage antiques in the modern era with a little renovation and creative imagination. In her 3200 sqft house located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, we can observe the perfect blend of modern interior design with the traditional touch.

The Entrance Attractions

The Old Telephone
The Hunted Deer Horn

People living in the city tend to throw away old antiques and furniture, but from the very entrance hallway, you can observe how an old telephone of the 90th-century and a horn of a hunted deer (by their own ancestor) set the vintage tone of the house delightfully.


The Vintage Theme

As you’ve already assumed, the house is embellished with a vintage theme, where every wall is painted with the Ovaltine shade of Berger Luxury Silk painting. Complementing that, the color of almost all the wooden furniture in the house is formed with a mahogany tone, creating a luxury vintage house vibe from the 90s. Even though her late huband, Mr Khondoker Iftekhar Ahmed Taher and her in-laws have already left her from the living world, you can sense their happy memories throughout the 21 years of the house.

Formal Living Room with a Twist

The Formal Living Room
Tiffany Toned Furniture

Passing the entrance hallway, you’ll make your first memory in the formal living room; a room full of wooden furniture in different shades of white. But to add some depth to the theme a sofa pair in Tiffany Blue color is there; the favorite color of the house owner.

The Twist: An ancient Bengali Wooden Door

The antique that will snatch your attention the most is a wall that is decorated with a unique wooden door; creating an ancient Bengali ‘Jamidar Bari’ ambiance. 

The Bedrooms and The Terrace

The Master Bed
Customized Walk-in Closet
The Wall of Wedding Pictures

The master bedroom is accompanied by a terrace, creating a peaceful environment for sleeping. As the owner made two bedrooms into one, the master bedroom is spacious and comfortable to be in. Also, one of the restrooms has been renovated into a walk-in closet. A small workstation is also there in the corner of the room. A wall full of her wedding pictures brings back her good memories of her husband.

The Terrace

And a well-planned garden with a tea table being on the terrace creates a perfect afternoon for the family and the visitors, to pass some wonderful time.

Bedroom of the Only Daughter

The other bedroom even though is for the young mind of Nashra Iftekhar, the only daughter of Nusrat Zaman, the room still holds the theme of the house as you can see a very old study table in the corner of the room. But the still contains a hint of youth by the model on the wall.

The Assembly: Kitchen, Dining Room, And Living Room

The Dry Kitchen
The Passing Window
View from the Breakfast Table

Not every house is structurally uncomplicated to make an open kitchen, but the owner has given us an amazing insight into how you can create the illusion of an open kitchen by just creating an open window, that can be seen from the dining and the living room. The passing window from the kitchen is the heart of the living/dining room as it generates the most attraction of the visitors in the house. The kitchen itself is very neat and dry. A small table just beside the open window holds the informal meal taking responsibility for the households. Also from there, the owner of the house can observe everything happening in the dining and the living room.

The Tea Table
The Ancient Wooden Dining Table

A tea table has also been put at the side of the dining table. And about the dining table, the furniture also goes the theme of the house as it was renovated from a very old dining table of her in-laws. Only the chairs are new, so here we can observe the perfect example of blending old things with new. The dinner wagon has a historic perspective to it too.

The Customized Powder Room

The thing about the dining room that excites almost everyone is the customized powder room with a door for the guests, which is really distinctive and likewise stunningly decorated.

Favorite Corner

Favorite Corner

Nusrat Zaman’s favorite corner of the house placed in the living room has cozy old furniture and from there she can enjoy her leisure with Rabindra Sangit played by an amazing caravan while watching over everything happening in the house. Naturally, the area is well lit from the sunlight.

The Study Room with Gym Equipment

The Study Room/Gym

Another fantastic example of blending can be seen in the study room, where pieces of gym equipment are amazingly incorporated with a small bookshelf with many books of her book lover daughter.

The Lighting of The House

Lit Candles

To create warm tones, the lights of the house have been placed accordingly. The house is full of wall lights, lamps, imported chandeliers, ceiling lights which provide a luxurious feeling in every corner of the house. The candles add thematic value to the house and also the cure for the owner’s lonely times.

Paintings And Mirrors

The paintings and the mirrors possess an important significance towards the theme and the beauty of this abode. A mixture of old and new mirrors creates a soothing mood with the warm lights.

Among all the amazing paintings, two of them hold a notable influence on the owner’s heart. Both of them were presented by close family friends. The paintings are well lit with scone lights.

More Antiques And Memory Holders

‘The antiques of my house are my showpieces, these remind me of my heritage, my husband, and my people close to mine.’ Nusrat Zaman explaining the importance of her vintage antiques. To her fabulous house means a house full of memories and a house which awards her peace.

The Family of Nusrat Zaman

The new generation sometimes forgets the value of our roots, family belongings, and the memories that these things hold. The fabulous house reminded us of that significance and how we can create a better decoration with old things. Let’s end our journey with a quote from the woman activist Rosa Parks,

‘Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.’


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